Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is on tour! That's right-- my favorite weekly meme is out and about. For the entire month of October you'll be able to find Mailbox Monday on she reads and reads. If taking a look at the books other people discovered in their mailboxes intrigues you, and if you'd like to participate, this just might be the meme for you. Thanks for hosting, Avis!

The weather is very slowly cooling off, and I find myself wanting to do things like work out in the garden and cook. I don't particularly enjoy doing these things; they're just easier to accomplish when the temperatures don't resemble those of a blast furnace!

This past week, I sent 5 books to new Paperback Swap (PBS) foster homes, and I received 4. Here's the scoop on the four books I received:

  1. Cobwebs and Cream Teas by Mary Mackie (Alibris). "When Mary Mackie's husband became Houseman at Felbrigg Hall, one of the stately homes of Britain's National Trust, she suddenly found herself Assistant Drain-Clearer, Doorbell-Answerer, Flower Arranger, and Rodent Exterminator. But leavening all the hard work were the exciting discoveries and the certainty that life would never be dull again."
  2. Midwinter of the Spirit by Phil Rickman (PBS). "An early winter slices though the old city of Hereford, a body is found in the River Wye, an ancient church is desecrated, and there are signs of a dark ritual on the hill overlooking the city. Meanwhile, reports of psychic unrest in the city’s cathedral speak of an undying evil lying close to the heart of the Church of England. In this second electrifying tale, exorcist Rev. Merrily Watkins must tread in places where an intangible malevolence thrives uncurbed by the forces of law and order. Over the years, Phil Rickman has won high acclaim for his chilling supernatural tales, including Celtic thrillers as well as the Reverend Merrily Watkins Mysteries, featuring Britain’s first female exorcist. Meticulously researched, rich in historic detail, these atmospheric procedurals are all cracking–good reads." 
  3. Getting Old Is Murder by Rita Lakin (PBS). "She’s not Miss Marple. Her friends are no Charlie’s Angels. Nevertheless, 75-year-old Gladdy Gold and her gang of eccentric Fort Lauderdale retirees are out, about, and hunting down a killer–one who is silently stalking them. Selma Beller was the first to go, but Gladdy and her neighbors never suspected murder until another of their friends died in an eerily similar way. Now a handsome young detective won’t listen to them, Hy Binder won’t stop telling them dirty jokes, and crazy old Greta Kronk is doing everything humanly possible to make herself into a suspect. But amid the endless rounds of poolside kibitzing, early-bird specials, bittersweet memories, and interminable grocery-shopping trips, Gladdy and her gals are about to discover how the murders are being committed. And when it comes to catching this culprit, time really is running out…."
  4. Holy Hell by Elizabeth Sims (PBS). "Lillian Byrd is a small-time reporter with a flair for making big-time mistakes--so her investigation into the disappearances of women around the Detroit area might not be the best idea. But when one of the victims turns up dead and Lillian recognizes the curiously mutilated corpse, she is in too deep to get out. After simultaneously blowing the case for the police and revealing herself to the killers, she is completely on her own. Can she catch the murderers before they catch up with her?" 
Given my penchant for stately homes, Cobwebs and Cream Teas sounds like a natural. I'm giving the Merrily Watkins series another go, having had mixed emotions about the first. Getting Old Is Murder sounds as though it could be a hoot, and I'm looking forward to new-to-me author Elizabeth Sims.

What about you? Can you recommend any of these, or are they new-to-you as well? Do tell, because I value your opinions!

Now comes the fun part... traveling all over the Internet checking out the books all the other participants have received!


  1. Enjoy your new reads, they are all new to me. Have a great week!

  2. First of all, I'm a big fan of Rita Lakin's books. You have a big treat in store for you in my opinion. Her "Golden Girls" style detectives are funny and yet she tackles a few serious issues.

    I've got Phil Rickman's first book in that exorcist series to read at some point. You had mixed feelings,huh? I have it in hardcover and it is big. I'll try it at some point soon.

  3. Jennifer-- The very same to you! :)

    Kay-- Oh, thanks so much for the thumbs up on Rita Lakin! As for Rickman, that first book was over 600 pages long, and although I loved the main characters and the setting, the story wasn't worth spreading out over 600 pages!

  4. Getting Old is Murder looks like such a great mystery! Enjoy!

  5. Never heard any of those before but hope you enjoy those!

  6. I can just imagine what cooling off means to you. Getting Old is Murder sounds like a good one - I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Love your header art!

    Cobwebs and Cream Teas sounds like my kind of book, too. Enjoy all of your new books. :)

    Here's a peek at my mailbox:

  8. These are all new to me!! Enjoy them!!

  9. Cobwebs and Cream Teas does sound fun! Great mailbox this week. Enjoy!!

  10. I hope Cobwebs and Cream Teas is as entertaining as it sounds!

  11. Hope you enjoy your books. I got your email a while back about your book blogger feature just haven't had a chance to get back to you about it. I'd love to have you feature Bibliophile's Retreat. Let me know what you need from me besides pictures. I'll try and get to the photo part in the next couple weeks.

  12. I've read Cobwebs and Cream Teas and its quite a good book - there is a sequel but I can't remember the title offhand.
    Felbrigg Hall is about an hour's drive from where I live but I've never been there unfortunately.
    Enjoy your reads.

  13. Sound like interesting reads!

    Happy Reading!

    Here is my Monday post!

  14. These are all ones that I have not heard about...Cobwebs and Cream Teas is the one I would start with :)
    enjoy your week reading!

  15. As Elizabeth Sims' totally unbiased partner ;-) I'd say you're going to really enjoy Holy Hell. Plus it's followed by three more in the series: Damn Straight, Lucky Stiff and Easy Street. Then, after you've lost sleep for weeks, Elizabeth has a new series.
    Elizabeth has a website and is on facebook and she loves to hear from readers.

  16. Kate-- It does, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

    Elysium-- So do I!

    Kathy-- Thanks!

    Suko-- Thanks for stopping by. I'll be over soon to check out your mailbox!

    Staci-- I'll do my best!

    Holly-- Thanks!

    Mary-- It seems to be the hit book of my mailbox this week!

    ForstRose-- I'll email you about it.

    Barbra-- I was secretly hoping you'd read the book. I'm glad to hear that you liked it! Looks like there may be two more in the series: Dry Rot and Daffodils, and Frogspawn and Floor Polish. :)

    Gautami-- Thanks for stopping by with your link.

    TBG-- Thanks, the same to you! :)

    Marcia-- Thanks for stopping by with all the info! :)

    Cherry-- I'll have to go take a look!

  17. Just love the adorable Mailbox Monday graphic you have! So cute!

    Holy Hell sounds like a good read! Interesting title!

  18. I like the title Cobwebs and Cream Teas..the description of the book sounds good too!

  19. I have never heard of any of these titles which is one of the things I love about you mailbox. I always learn of new to me titles! Cobwebs and Cream Tea and Getting Old is Murder both sound like they would be very good!

  20. Cobwebs and Cream Teas sounds really good! Happy reading :)

  21. Going to look up Holy Hell just my type of mystery thriller.

    Great stock of books and your avatar is amazing for Mailbox Monday. Makes me smile and think "Wow wish I had the same twirly dress."

  22. Those all sound like fun! Enjoy your reading.

  23. These are all new to me, but they sound delightful....Especially the Cobwebs one...

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. PBS rocks doesn't it? Happy reading!

  25. These seem like some good cozies - perfect for fall --enjoy!

  26. I'm all for Cobwebs and Creamed Teas....sounds like a wonderful read.

    I hope you have a wonderful week this week in everything you do.

  27. All new books to me but they sound good. Happy reading.

  28. I've got Dryrot and Daffodils somewhere in Mount TBR but it could be anywhere amongst the foothills lol.

  29. These are all new to me, so I can't make any recommendations. Hope you enjoy them all!

  30. Tara-- I'm glad you like my MM graphic. I'm rather fond of many of those pin-up girls from the 1940s.

    Kris-- Cobwebs seems to be the big winner this week. Could it be that it appeals to y'all who stop by and don't have the same penchant for mysteries that I do? Nah.... ;)

    Beth-- Getting Old Is Murder appeals to me because I suppose I want to think that I can be "up there" and be lively enough to solve crimes! LOL

    Alita-- You, too!

    Aisle-- I'm a blue jeans kind of girl but even I catch myself looking at that skirt once in a while!

    Laura-- You, too!

    Laurel-- Thanks for visiting mine!

    DC-- PBS most definitely rocks!

    Diane-- One of these days we may even have fall weather here in Phoenix!

    Ryan-- I'm trying to smile and laugh while I clean up from a nasty storm that blew through Tuesday.

    Leslie-- Thanks for stopping by!

    Barbra-- That sounds like my kind of TBR!

    Anna-- I hope I do, too!

  31. All of these authors are new to me, but Holy Hell sounds like a good one, and I love the title! Happy reading, and thanks for visiting my Mailbox!

  32. Lady Q-- Holy Hell is a good title, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!


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