Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Vanessa of Today's Adventure!

I can't remember how I came across the blog of today's guest. I think I must have been looking for reviews of a certain book, and there she was in Ontario, Canada: Vanessa and her blog, Today's Adventure.

Although she and I don't share that many favorite genres, we do both enjoy mysteries, but that's not the only reason why I like keeping up with her blog. Today's Adventure is more than book reviews, which can be gathered from the caption in her header: " which I talk mostly about books, and a little about that which keeps me from them." (I would imagine that a baby might be one of the reasons for that second part....)

There are book reviews and author interviews and the like, but Vanessa also takes the time to analyze her own handwriting, talk about ugly book covers and whether or not ARCs should be sold. (I agree with her. Anything that clearly states NOT FOR SALE on the cover should not be sold.) If you have never heard of Vanessa or her blog, Today's Adventure, I hope you take the time to stop by and say hello. You'll be glad you did!

Now let's get to the part that you all come here for: the reveal of Vanessa's blogging space! Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.

This is where the action happens!  I should probably confess that I tidied up a little before taking this photo.  If you want an idea of my usual working condition, imagine this desk with about 5 times more stuff on it, totally random and none of it useful.  A few highlights: (1) Stack of books I've finished reading, but still need to write reviews for.  In an ideal world, this stack would not exist.  (2) A glass of water and Nature Valley Chocolate  granola bars (crunchy).  Perfect blogging snack, other than the crumbs in my keyboard. (3) My reading notebook, where I jot down my thoughts about each book as I go along.  (4) My telephone, to constantly interrupt me while I'm working.  (5) A safari helmet and a fancy hat.  You know, just in case I need to go on safari or to a tea party unexpectedly.   Also, you can see that I am one of the few people in existence who uses a desktop computer instead of a laptop.  Because why have one small piece of equipment when several large ones work just as well?

This picture hangs over my desk.  It's a photo my dad took of the lake by the house I grew up in.  I've moved across the country since then, and having this photo reminds me of home and family.  I love it.

Total chaos.  This is what I should be cleaning up when I'm blogging instead.

Thank you so much, Cathy, for inviting me to participate in your Scene of the Blog feature.  It's been fun!

It's been fun for me, too, Vanessa. You're not alone, you know. I don't use a laptop to blog. In fact I have two huge monitors on my desk, and I wouldn't want to work without them. My netbook is fine for reading blog posts or running a search or two while I'm sitting in the family room with Denis watching television, but it just don't cut the mustard when I blog!

That photo that hangs above your desk is absolutely gorgeous, and to have it be one that your father took makes it that much more special. I think I'd find myself sitting there staring at it often.

As for that third photo, well... I think we can all relate to that to some degree. Who wants to clean up when there are books to talk about and blog posts to be written? Certainly not me!

Thanks so much for taking the time to give us this peek into your blogging space, Vanessa. We really appreciate it!

Who will be the next guest on Scene of the Blog? Stop by next Wednesday to find out!


  1. Phew -- glad to see that you tidied up, makes me feel so much better. And, by the way, I work on a desktop all day long and I don't see me ever changing that. I use my netbook and love it, but I get my serious work done on what we call "the big computer."

    Thanks for giving us a look into your blogging space.

  2. In my house, The Big Guy wouldn't give up the desktop for anything. Me, I'm a laptop person but have been known to use "his" computer at times which causes some dissension but hey - it's there! I love the hats! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the hats too. You never know when you might need one. :D I'm a desktop computer person as well, but mine is 10 years old and I'm saving my pennies for a new one. Although I'd love to have a laptop for travel, I think I'll always have a desktop at home.

  4. I love seeing where people blog. Especially when the spot is real. Very cool. I adore Vanessa.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only desktop user out there. I keep trying to give the hats back to my 2 year old, but she insists that I need them.

  6. That is such a beautiful photo! And I am now addicted to my laptop, I'm not sure I could ever go back to a desktop :)

  7. Don't worry Vanessa, I would totally tidy up too, I confess. I love the wall color--soothing and cheery at the same time.

  8. It's so nice to see where other people blog!

    I'm a laptop person, Vanessa. I'm always downstairs on the sofa.

    Love the picture!

  9. Your 2 year old is very wise. Everyone should have a few hats on standby at all times ;0)


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