Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring SuziQ of Whimpulsive!

I'm really excited to introduce this week's guest on Scene of the Blog because I think she's got the coolest blog name around. Whom am I talking about? SuziQ of Whimpulsive, of course!

I enjoy all the bookish things on her blog, but the icing on the cake for me is her sense of humor and her photography, whether it's for Wordless Wednesday or an appearance by Howie the Cat (who deserves his own Facebook page).

If you've never visited Whimpulsive, I hope you take the opportunity soon, and please remember to say hi. As always, you can click on each photo to view it full size. Take it away, SuziQ!

I'm honored to be included in Scene of the Blog.

Two days a week I work from home and on those days I hook up my laptop in the den to a second monitor.  I've found that much of the actual posting and formatting of blog posts and photos is much easier with two monitors.  I typically have a blog related to do list that I tackle when I'm set up here in the den.  I didn't have to tidy it up at all because I rarely have much on the desk when I'm working from here.  All my work and most of my blogging is online so there's not a lot of paper involved.  There's not much of a view from here, either.  About the only thing I can see from here is into the living room to the left and our fence and neighbors house out the window to the right.  I don't mind the lack of view though because I only use this room when I'm working.  As you can see, Pirate Bendy is there reminding me I need to work on a post for his blog too.

I do most of both my reading and blogging in my corner of the family room.  As you can tell it's my reading, crocheting, blogging, Internet surfing, football watching haven.  My laptop lives on the desk in the kitchen, but I rarely actually use it there because the desk it too small and not a comfortable place.  I like my corner of the family room much better.  Howie is usually nearby waiting for the sound of a laptop being closed so he can get some lap time.  I do the majority of the drafting of posts and blog reading and commenting here in the family room while watching TV.  As you can see, I like to have my books, beverage of choice, book buddy pillow and my lap quilt handy.

There's a lot to be said for having a workspace that doesn't have a view: you can get in there, get the work done, and get out instead of gazing out the window daydreaming. (Ask me how I know.) But don't you just love her corner of the family room? By the fireplace and the window, a comfy chair, what looks like two Adirondack chairs outside... and is that a little gnome in the corner of the garden? If you don't click on the family room photo to enlarge it, you're going to miss the expression on Howie's face. (I'm beginning to think he's one of the most photogenic cats in the US of A!)

Thank you so much, SuziQ for allowing this glimpse into your world. We certainly do appreciate it!

Who will be the next guest on Scene of the Blog? There's only one way to find out. See you then!


  1. SuziQOregon is one of my favorite bloggers, and it's a real treat to see from whence she works her magic.


    (And I also think Howie needs his own blog, too.)

  2. Cathy, I'm so glad you are featuring SuziQ this week. One of my most regular stops in my blog reading. I love her work areas and love Howie's perch. Does he read over Suzi's shoulder? LOL

    Whimpulsive is a great blog and I thank you for featuring it, Cathy, and you, Suzi, for writing it!

  3. Fun to see where SuziQ works her blog magic :) That looks like one comfy chair!!

  4. Wow...I'm in envy over your chair!! My cats (and dog) are similar. As soon as they hear me put down my book or close my netbook, they come running!

  5. Her desk is so neat - where are all the notes to herself. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who writes notes to herself all the time! I think both the cat and the Book Buddy are reading essentials.

  6. I love SuziQ's spaces. Especially that comfy living room chair. And Howie is so patient. Our cats were never that patient -- they'd be right there wanting to be in the middle of everything.

    I wish my desk were as neat as hers.

    Oh.... and I see Wilbur made it into the photo!

  7. I also have a recliner but I'm missing the cat in his own Ivory Tower. With her books, remote, afghan, laptop, wine, and pet within an arm's reach, looks like she would never have to move.

  8. Cathy: thanks so much for letting me visit. I love Scene of the Blog and I'm thrilled to be here.

    You have a great eye - yes those are adirondack chairs on the patio. My sister-in-law made those for us and they're one of my favorite summertime reading spots. Yes that's a garden gnome out in back under the tree. The Hubster always wanted one so I broke down and got him. We have to keep him in the back yard because so many garden gnomes get stolen around here.

    Eleanor: LOL - I can hardly keep up with Whimpulsive and Pirate Bendy. Howie's going to have to remain a routine guest at Whimpulsive.

    Kay: Sometimes Howie does watch what I'm reading. Other times he tries to crawl on top of my book. He's better when he's underneath - makes a great book holder.

    Mary: Hi!!!

    Jen: isn't it funny how they tune into those noises and come running when they know a lap is available? ;-)

    Bermudaonion: LOL - the desk looks neat because I only use it on Mondays and Tuesdays. The rest of the time The Hubster uses it.

    Beth F: yeah, my comfy corner of the family room is a cozy little nest. See that basket with my crocheting - that was my Mom's knitting basket so it's not only useful, but it has incredible sentimental value to me. LOK - yes, I didn't want Wilbur to feel left out ;-)

    Rural View: Somedays I don't want to move once I'm all settled in. Particularly in winter when it's cold out and there's a fire going.

  9. What a wonderful space! And so neat! Do you play Scrabble from there as well? ;)

  10. What a wonderful space! And so neat! Do you play Scrabble from there as well? ;)

  11. I would love to be able to blog from a recliner like that--looks comfy!

  12. Kay-- I honestly think Howie does read over her shoulder. That is one smart cat!

    Kathy-- No, you are not alone when it comes to writing notes to yourself!

    Suzi-- Wow... can your sister-in-law build some furniture pour moi?

  13. I'm envious that Howie waits for you to put your computer down. Forrest will just come over and step on my book, rub against it to try to get me to put it down, paw at me. Amelia will actually jump ON me and grab hold of my shoulder. I obviously have done a horrible job of teaching them manners!

    I'm a double monitor person, too. Love it. Don't know what I'd do without it now.

  14. Karen; LOL - why yes, I do ;-)

    reviewsbylola: it is a very comfy recliner. It's my little haven in our home.

    Cathy: Hee Hee - it is convenient to have a sister-in-law who does that kind of stuff for 'fun'.

    Jen: Once in a while Howie will get impatient and try to get between me and the laptop, but he's usually bugging The Hubster more than me when he needs some lap time.

  15. SuziQ, that looks like such a comfy spot to work. Do your cats mind having your Book Buddy on their scratching post? LOL.

  16. TeddyRose: You know - for a long time I left that shelf on the kitty condo empty, but the cats were never on it so I took advantage of it to store my book buddy and my lap quilt (made by a dear friend). The cats don't seem to care since they never bothered with that shelf.

  17. Oh! I love to see the scene of one of my favorite blogs! And she's a fellow Oregonian, to boot!


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