Monday, September 27, 2010

Good News About One of My Favorite Mystery Series!

I received some very good news from author Paul  L. Gaus, who writes one of my favorite mystery series. Plume, a division of Penguin, will be reprinting his Amish-Country Mysteries in trade paperback editions.

Starting with the very first, Blood of the Prodigal, one book will be released every six months, beginning September 28.

I know there's a lot of fiction available that features the Amish, but it's easy to be led astray if you're looking for an honest depiction of the people. I grew up just a few miles from a large Amish settlement in central Illinois, and I really appreciate Paul Gaus's sensitivity and insight.

If you haven't read any of his books, I certainly hope you'll give them a try!


  1. Cathy - That is good news! I grew up around the Amish, too, in Central Pennsylvania. I'm glad those novels are going to be more widely available.

  2. Thanks for sharing about this series! I've never heard of it and am excited about the new format. I have visited Amish communities in Ohio and Pennsylvania and love to read mysteries in that setting. It's going on my radar and of course my TBR list. :)

    BTW - you've been on my GoogleReader list for about a year (?), but just never actually come to your blog to comment.

  3. I too find the Amish community fascinating, though I wouldn't want to live their life. I will certainly keep my eyes open for this series.

  4. Margot-- It's always great when a well-written series earns a wider audience.

    Joy-- Thank you so much for commenting!

    Barbara-- I think it is a series that you'd like.

  5. I find the Amish community interesting, sounds like these books would be something I would like. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.


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