Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. what a fantastic roofline! very nice

  2. Let's see, how many maids would it take to conquer this wonderful place? Reminds me of a couple hotels we stayed at in Scotland.

  3. Do you know?? I almost posted a photo of Waddesdon Manor today too!!!

    We used to leave near here. You never know we could have been near each other in the past without knowing - small world isn't it?

  4. Wow! Love the roofline!

    Here's my West Texas wordless wednesday: TexasRed Books

  5. Looks like my home. Not! Great picture, so stately.

  6. Caite-- Thanks!

    Kathy-- I'm sure one of the guides would be able to find you!

    Barbara-- I'm sure the Rothschilds had just the right number to conquer all the dust.

    Margaret-- It certainly is. We still may "run into" each other because Denis and I tend to gravitate more to the north of England than the south!

    TR-- It's like a piece of France plopped down in the middle of England.

    Wisteria-- I'm glad this isn't my home. It's much too ornate for my taste. I did love the gardens, though.


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