Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Larissa of Larissa's Bookish Life!

It gives me great pleasure today to feature a book blogger who contacted me about appearing on Scene of the Blog.

My guest is Larissa, a twentysomething Brazilian-Israeli living in Rio de Janeiro,  who has a passion for books-- especially Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. 

Larissa's blog is colorful, informative, and shows her passion for authors,giveaways, and all things bookish. If you've never paid a visit to her blog, Larissa's Bookish Life, please make time to do so, and don't forget to say hello!

Let's see where Larissa does all of that creative blogging, shall we? Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.

When I started blogging, I was living in a tiny apartment with my dad in Israel. The whole apartment was the size my bedroom is now, so you can imagine how small my bedroom was then! Now I am back to my home country, Brazil, and I use my bedroom as my "office". We do have an extra room, but it would be away from TV, books, bed, and so on.

This first picture is of my desk.  It's always a mess, but I always seem to figure out where everything is anyway!  See my beautiful new laptop "Sholto"?  Isn't he so cute? LOL  That is were I do all my blogging. I can sit at that desk for hours and hours. Before I had an actual computer chair (got it less than a week ago) I was using the chair from my desk when I was 10 years old-- the thing was literally falling apart. I'm so happy with my new chair!

This second picture is my desk right next to my bed. This is an awesome set up for me. I have a lot of print books, but I read mostly in eBook formats, so I read directly from the laptop. When I'm not blogging or twittering or doing anything else that needs me to type, I just turn the laptop towards the bed and read from there. I can do anything there, but I do avoid chatting or answering emails that way, even though it's easy to type with only my left hand.

Last, but definitely not least, is a picture of my "view" from my desk chair... I have my remote controls, the big screen TV, and my shelves right in from of me when I'm working. It's a great setup, and I simply LOVE my room the way it is right now.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little bit of my "Blogging Arena".  hehe 
Thanks, Cathy, for letting me come here and share my space with all of you!

Larissa, you're the first blogger I've featured who reads primarily eBooks, so it was very interesting for me to see how you have everything set up in a way that works-- not only for blogging-- but for reading, chatting, typing, and working. With that big screen TV, books, bed, and a laptop, all you need is a refrigerator and microwave, and you wouldn't have to leave your blogging arena for days!

When I was in college, I had my desk right next to my bed, which was a handy set-up on more than one occasion after pulling an all-nighter studying. All I had to do was lean to the left and gently fall into bed. Of course, this was in the day of no computers, just stone tablets and chisels.... LOL!

Thank you so much for sharing your creative space with us, Larissa. We really appreciate it!

Who will be featured next Wednesday on Scene of the Blog? Stop by to find out!


  1. Thanks so much for having me Cathy =)

    Yeah, I have focused mainly on ebooks for their practicality. I mean, there's no shipping involved and I didn't have much space for print books in my last apartment.

    I am buying a Kindle very, very soon so that will make me leaving my bed even harder LOL

    the kitchen is right across the hall from my bedroom, so I have a fridge and microwave so close, they could be in my room... so yeah, my reading arena is pretty well stocked hehe

  2. I love Larissa's set up since I love to read in bed! I don't think Carl would enjoy it if I tried it though.

  3. What a great setup with the desk right by the bed! I have a little side table so that I can put the laptop there - usually just for chatting and blogging though.

  4. I envy this setup. When I read in bed, it keeps Dave awake so I never get to do that. Maybe it's for the best - I'd never get up! :D

  5. How convenient. But if I had everything so close, I´d never get any exercise. I have to walk at least two steps to pick a new book (see my shining halo).

  6. I love Larissa's space -- so organized and neat!

  7. I am all about blogging from bed! Love the headboard.

  8. @bermudaonion

    Thanks! Its very cozy LOL hahaha I can imagine =P


    thats awesome! well, im used to reading on the laptop, but I know a lot of people dont like it =)


    LOL yep, I have that exactly problem =P


    hahaha yeah, I dont really get much exercise, I hagve to say =/


    Thanks! but I didnt show the other side of my desk, nothing organized about that LOL


    LOL cool! Thanks! I love it too =)

  9. Nice! I used to have my office in my room also, but then i never left & started getting stir-crazy, so i moved it upstairs. I've switched to mainly ebooks now too, a Sony PRS600 for daytime reading & my iPhone for nighttime. I tend to buy hardcopies of my favs as well just to have them on my shelf, & I still prefer the feel of a real book even if the ebooks are more convenient!

  10. @Hoping 4 More

    I can understand getting stir crazy, but I am more of a sedentary nature LOL it doesn't bother me as much =D

    I know what you mean, I still get Print books, but being in Brazil, ebooks make my life so much easier =D


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