Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Oh, this one is just so British - English countryside, perfect for a cozy mystery setting.

  2. That looks like it belongs in a fairy tale.

  3. Every house has a story. Wouldn't you love to know the story of this one? I would.

  4. This does look very cozy and quaint.

  5. Love it! Orange in my favorite color =)

  6. I wonder if anyone still lives there?

    Mine's up! Happy WW.

  7. Oh I love the color and thatch and the very Britishness of this photo. Excellent.

  8. Dorte-- And it had a black cat sitting in the window!

    Kathy-- I fell in love with it the first time Denis and I drove past.

    Barbara-- I certainly would!

    Wisteria-- I particularly love the door up on the second floor that opens to plain air.

    Larissa-- LOL!

    JO-- In 2007 when Denis and I were there, someone was living there.

    Beth-- Thanks. I'm beginning to think I should do a post about my stroll through the village.


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