Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Leah of Amused By Books!

This week Kittling: Books is featuring a book blogger who contacted me about being on Scene of the Blog. This is something I really appreciate, so if you've been lurking in the shadows and you'd really like to be featured, use that Contact Me form on my blog header. It works!

Why should you forget about being shy? For the very simple reason that there are so many book blogs out there, and it's not humanly possible for me to know about them all and to contact all the bloggers. Do what Leah did: email me, and we'll talk! (I think she can agree that it's a relatively painless process, especially since I don't bite.)

I wasn't aware of Leah's blog, Amused By Books. When she contacted me, I immediately went there to take a look. According to Blogger, she's been aboard for less than a year, and she prefers to read "general fiction, women's fiction, some non-fiction, and cookbooks." I also like the bit about harassing her boyfriend's cat. (Do you really do that, Leah?) I enjoy the content of her blog, and I was happy to add Amused By Books to my Google Reader. If you haven't stopped by Leah's blog before, I hope you take the opportunity to do so soon-- and don't forget to say hello! Now... let's see where she does all that creative blogging.... (Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.)

This is the main hub of activity in our household. It is shared by both me and my boyfriend...and the cat! I would say 90% of the time I spend blogging, my boyfriend's cat Nyquist is sitting by my side begging me to pet her. As you can see she has found the optimal spot next to where I would sit, underneath the lamp which gives off heat and next to the wall heater! Every week day morning I sit down and make sure my scheduled post has gone up correctly and check my email and twitter accounts. On the weekend mornings I spend much more time here with my cup of coffee while the house is quiet, writing blog posts for the week and commenting on my favorite blogs. As you can see I have stacks of books here that I need to review, lots of pens and paper handy (and bills to pay - ignore those!). Everything I need is pretty much right here. The problem is, sometimes the boyfriend needs this space too. Luckily...I can just move to this other space!

Here is where I move when I want some more comfort and then I switch to the laptop. For some reason I prefer sitting at the desk but when I want to feel more a part of the family unit or watch TV, talk to my boyfriend, and blog at the same time, this is the prime spot! Also, this is one of my favorite spots to read on a lazy weekend afternoon. The couch is super comfy, gets lots of natural daylight and in the winter that light above is perfectly placed, as is that blanket! Oh and that photo above the couch - my boyfriend painted it of a theater in Boulder, Co - pretty cool I think.

Finally we have probably one of the handiest (and most jenky) things I've started using this year! A Reading Journal. I use this puppy all the time! It goes with me desk, my couch, maybe even over to a chair...look houses in San Francisco are small! Regardless, I record all of the books I've read this year, if I liked them, how many pages they were, progress in my challenges, author interview questions, etc. It is the handiest thing! Maybe next year I'll upgrade...but maybe not!

I don't see the need to upgrade, Leah... I use a reading journal myself, and have done for years. There's something about physically writing the information down that I really like.

The couch, the window, the lamp, the blanket-- and that seriously cool painting by your boyfriend-- I'm really liking your reading and laptop space. Actually, I'm trying to levitate that painting and see if I can get it from San Francisco to Phoenix without damaging it or giving myself a serious headache. I love it!

I also like your desk space with Nyquist gazing out at us all. Something tells me that you really don't harass that cat! Thank you so much for sharing your creative spaces with us, Leah. We really appreciate it!

Who will be featured on Scene of the Blog next Wednesday? Stop by to take a look!


  1. That desk looks extremely cozy for some reason! It looks so home-y.

  2. I love that painting!! A cat always spells instant coziness....

  3. I love the painting! Also, I am so impressed by how neat and tidy and organized the desk looks, so different from mine :)

  4. The painting is way cool, and you've made me think about using a reading journal. I enjoyed the glimpse into your blogging world.

  5. Nice profile. I'll have to check out Amused by Books.

  6. I really should start using a reading journal again. I used one years ago but stopped for some reason, probably when I went to work full time and didn't have time to read. :) However, the memory is the first thing to go you know . . .

  7. I love the idea of a reading journal and had never thought of it. I have read off and on all my life - mostly on. Recently my husband and I both got Nook readers and I've read a lot more since then - they are so handy to carry around anywhere you go. Waiting in a line is no longer such a chore if you can read while doing it. I have a small notebook at work that would make a great readers journal. I'm also adding Amused By Books to my bloglines. Thanks for sending me her way.

  8. Hi everyone - I am so glad you are enjoying my post and thanks for all of your kind comments! I think you can see that the 'harassing the cat' bit is all tongue in cheek ;)

    Jillian - Thanks for saying that about my desk! Now I don't feel so bad when I think it looks messy!

    Beth F - I like the painting too! And the cat... !

    Amy - Glad you like the painting and sounds like I am doing a good job with the desk org! Phew!

    Dairyofaneccentric - Thanks! The journal has been so handy!

    DCMetroreader- Thanks - hope you like what you see!

    Rural View - The journal has been SO handy!

    TNelson - I love the journal - highly recommend it! Looking forward to seeing you around my blog!

  9. I like how the cat is also sitting on the's do know how to get attention don't they? haha!

    Both spots look really comfy..and that painting is wonderful! Boyfriend has lots of talent.

  10. Wow, what a great writing space. I LOVE that painting...does he do work for customers?! I want one! Ok, maybe not of the theater in Bolder, but something else. lovely.

    Both of you must be extremely talented!

    Thanks for sharing your space and reading journal.

  11. Kris - yes this cat certainly knows how to get attention :) Anything to be petted!

    Serena - I'll have to ask him! That's the only thing he's ever painted...besides the walls so maybe! Thanks for the compliments!

  12. Welcome to Leah, a new-to-me blogger as well, Cathy. I'm so glad that you brought her to my attention and I've trekked over to her blog to take a look around.

    Leah, such a nice blogging space. And, I love the painting. Very striking. I'll enjoy getting to read your thoughts as time goes on. I have a book journal too and keep one on a spreadsheet and there's the blog. Triple work, but what if I missed something?? LOL

  13. I have given serious thought to starting a reading journal (never heard of the concept until I started blogging). Perhaps you can have an addendum post: scene of the journal (?) and show us different ways to use them

  14. Kay - Thanks for coming over and taking a look around!

    Molly - I had never heard of a journal before either but it's been such a huge help since I started blogging!

  15. It'a great that Leah contacted you about being part of Scene of the Blog. I think I will someday. Leah's couch looks so comfy and I really love the picture above it that her boyfriend painted. But my favorite thing is about Leah's spot is Nyquist and the primse spot he has chosen to be close to Leah when she is on the computer!

    Thank you!

  16. Your very organized desk space inspires me! No need to apologize about small spaces - I am very familiar with them here in the Big Apple!

  17. Amy - Ha! Yes Nyquist does anything and everything to follow me wherever I go and that means sitting right near me when I blog! Pretty cute actually :)

    Booksnyc - Yes I bet you can relate!

  18. It all looks very cozy and comfortable. Fun post!

  19. I love seeing this space. Carl and I struggled with sharing the PC for a while, so we just broke down and got a second one.

  20. Suey - Thanks! We like a cozy space :)

    Bermudaonion - Thanks! Yeah my boyfriend loves his computers so the more the merrier!

  21. DC-- Great! :)

    Barbara-- Yup. I use that reading journal of mine because the memory really is the first thing to go! LOL

    TNelson-- You're very welcome. One of the things I love about this feature is introducing new-to-you blogs to readers.

    Kay-- I'm so glad you went over to say hello!

    Molly-- I'll have to see if I can put something together!

    Amy-- You're welcome... and I await your email! :)

  22. Nyquist is an unsual name, how did your cat get to be named that way? I miss SF -- I used to live in the Sacramento area, and always enjoyed it whenever I spent time in SF. In fact part of our honeymoon was there :-).

  23. Valerie - Good question! My boyfriend is a sound engineer and apparently Nyquist invented some sort of famous sound thing and so when he got the cat 10 years ago that was his inspiration :)


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