Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mailbox Monday-- Just What the Shelf Doctor Ordered

Mailbox Monday is my favorite weekly meme. Hosted by Marcia on her blog, The Printed Page, it is guaranteed to show me all the books fellow bloggers are discovering in their mailboxes. As long as you can put temptation from you, it's like celebrating Christmas every week. If you'd like to see what books other bloggers are getting, and especially if you're thinking of joining in with the rest of us, click on that redhead to the left. She'll take you right to the heart of the action!

Since I've been acquiring books an entire shelf at a time (or at least it seems that way), there had to come a time when I had to apply the brakes. My last name isn't Jetson, and I can't push a button to make my bookcases magically multiply or at least gain a few inches here and there.

I'm happy to say that the brakes were applied last week. I sent 5 books to new Paperback Swap (PBS) foster homes, and I received 2. Here's the rundown on the two books I received:
  1. The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom (PBS). "A blend of supernatural horror and psychological thriller, Ransom's impressive debut chronicles a couple's descent into madness after they purchase a 140-year-old Victorian house in rural Wisconsin. Failed L.A. screenwriter Conrad Harrison, whose marriage is on the rocks and who's still coming to grips with the sudden death of his estranged father, decides it's time for a change and, on a whim, buys a turn-of-the-century birthing house he fatefully found after driving the wrong way out of Chicago. But the sprawling structure has a dark history, and after his wife lands a new job and leaves for a few weeks of training in Detroit, Harrison begins to unravel the house's bloody past, even as his own sanity is unraveling."
  2. Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels (PBS). "The book's protagonist, Pepper Martin, is a cemetery tour guide in Cleveland who thinks her best asset is her big chest. She wields the power of the twins often while investigating the death of former mob boss Gus Scarpetti—at the behest of the wise guy himself. Ever since Pepper hit her head on Gus's mausoleum, she's been able to see and talk to his ghost. Pepper would rather nab a job in Saks's shoe department and a handsome man with deep pockets than turn amateur sleuth. But in the absence of Prince Charming, she settles for investigating Gus's 30-year-old murder and lusting after a gorgeous cop and an enigmatic brain doctor."

Spooky houses and creepy cemeteries. Sounds as though I got my Halloween books early, eh?

Have any of you read either of these books? Would you recommend them? Did either one look good enough to put on your own wish list? Do tell!

Now it's time to take a look at the goodies other folks have received. See you with another mailbox next week!


  1. Sorry, I can't tell you anything about the books because I'm too much of a wimp to read them :D
    Hope you enjoy them!

  2. I ought to check out The Birthing House!

    Here is mine!

  3. Better keep all the lights on this week. Ha Enjoy your new books. My mailbox is here Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

  4. I'm impressed with your ability to apply the brakes! I think my foot is stuck on the accelerator! Enjoy your new books.

  5. Those sounds good! Made me curious about The Birthing House. Enjoy!

  6. The Birthing House sounds really creepy to me! Hope you like it. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  7. oooh, the birthing house sounds spooky, and the cover is eerie! i hope you enjoy (and review) it soon.

    --nat @book, line, and sinker

  8. The Birthing House sounds so creepy/great!

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Here's my MM:

  9. The Birthing House sounds very creepy! I hope you enjoy it. I'll look forward to your thoughts on it.

  10. Had not heard of either of those but they both sound good. Love the description of Pepper! Love your MM graphic, too, btw. Thanks for stopping by today!

  11. The Birthing House sounds like my kind of read!

  12. Mary-- That's okay. You undoubtedly read books that I wouldn't, so it all balances out. :)

    Gautami-- Thanks for stopping by!

    Kaye-- Ooh... that is a good idea about the lights! LOL

    Kathy-- Mine was stuck on the accelerator for a while, too!

    Elysium-- Thanks!

    Alayne-- I've paid you a visit! :)

    Natalie-- I just might!

    Laurel-Rain-- Thanks! I've already paid you a visit. :)

    Beth-- The Birthing House seems to be the winner so far. :)

    Q-- Pepper sounds as though she might be fun. I'm glad you like the graphic.

  13. Enjoy your mailbox goodies. I have not read those.

  14. I don't think I would want to read The Birthing House before sleeping, but otherwise I think it looks terrific!

  15. I LOOOOVE the sound and look of The Birthing House! Can't WAIT to read your thoughts on it!

  16. The Birthing House sounds mighty interesting!

  17. The Birthing House is one of those books I've almost picked up a few times so I will be interested in reading your thoughts on it. Hapy reading.

  18. Diane-- Thanks, I will!

    DC-- Fortunately I'm not easily creeped out! LOL

    Lisa-- It certainly seems to be the winner this week! :)

    Alice-- It certainly does!

    Ryan-- I'd better not wait very long before reading it! LOL


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