Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Curious Are You?

You Are Very Curious

It may be true that curiosity killed the cat, but you're betting on nine lives. You would love to live as many lives as possible, because that way you could see the whole world.

Your relish new experiences, and novelty is a huge draw for you. You always have your eyes open for the latest thing.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? You'll always choose to take a risk!


  1. You Are Fairly Curious
    You tend to get into certain ideas and subjects, and for them, your curiosity knows no limits.
    In general, you don't tend to be as curious as you could be though.

    Open your eyes a little more to the world around you. Try something new every day.
    There's so much to learn, see, do, and be curious about in life!

    Need to be more curious ;)

  2. I thought I would be very curious, too, but I'm only fairly curious.

  3. I'm only fairly curious too. I think that last question wasn't fair though..it's not my fault I couldn't go to Europe within the last year, my husbands holding me back. lol

  4. So far, it's Beth and I against the Fairlys. ;)


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