Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Lovely photo! What is the bird?

    Mine is a bird photo too - a common sparrow.

  2. What a marvelous capture! You can almost see the bird "thinking" about his next move.

  3. Every time I see your pictures of these birds, I think of our yellow-shafted flickers. Are they related?

  4. Oh, that's a great picture. Just in the nick of time!

  5. Great shot. The sunlight is making me feel warmer despite the fact that it's a rainy stormy day here.

  6. Awesome photo! I wanted to put an orange out for the birds, but Mr. BFR ate them all before I got a chance. I'll try again this week.

  7. Margaret-- The bird is a Gila (HEE-luh) Woodpecker.

    Eleanor-- Thanks, I'm glad you like the photo!

    Barbara-- Flickers are a type of woodpecker, so yes, they are related. Coming from Illinois, the first time I saw one of these Gila woodpeckers, I thought it was a flicker.

    K.-- Thanks!

    SuziQ-- I've been hearing from my friend in Seattle how lousy the weather is up in the PNW. Makes me glad I'm down here.

    Mariposa-- Thanks!

    Beth-- Fortunately Mr. Kittling doesn't seem to be a citrus lover!

  8. Kathy-- 99.9% of them are taken by me. The .1% is an occasional photo taken by my husband. This photo was taken right in my backyard.


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