Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Jill of Fizzy Thoughts!

Some book bloggers I've known before I even started blogging. Cataloging my books at LibraryThing introduced me to a whole bunch of wonderful folks, and Jill of Fizzy Thoughts was one of them. All I had to do was read her posts in various LibraryThing groups to see how funny and caring and knowledgeable she is.

Jill's blog is excellent in both content and style, and if you've never visited, I certainly hope you take the time to do so. And once you're there at Fizzy Thoughts, don't forget to say hi!

Without further ado, let's see where Jill harnesses all that creativity of hers, shall we? Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.

So how boring is this? This is where I spend most of my spare time...reading, blogging, reading blogs, and, as evidenced by the bowl, eating my oatmeal. It's also a pretty comfy place for a nap. I used to have a desk in the office, but I felt cut off from my boyfriend when I was in there. And the desk chair was hideously uncomfortable. So now I blog exclusively from my chair in the living room. And it's definitely MY chair. I share with no one. Well, maybe Billy, on occasion, when he decides to come over and see what I'm reading...but he doesn't take up much space.

And it really does look like this most of the time. I'm a minimalist, so I don't keep pads of paper or pens or much of anything around me. (I do stash things in the drawers, though, including books and computer accessories.) The visible pile of books is usually a little higher...right now, it consists of my to-do list, Wuthering Heights, a New York guide book and The Map of True Places. If I've just returned from the bookstore, sometimes I'll pile the recent acquisitions on the arms of my chair so I can bask in the glory of new books. :-D

Behind those plate glass windows is a view of our town, the bay, a big rock, and the Pacific Ocean. However, it's also where the sun sets and the afternoon/evening light gets a little fierce. So that blind behind me always stays closed. If I were to peek out, this is what I would see. It's a typically gloomy spring morning.

Billy (my occasional guest poster) prefers to blog from his couch. I'm still wondering how he manages to get the computer over there.

I tried to get Billy to tell me how he got the laptop over to the couch--even tried a bribe or two-- but he simply gave me one of those angelic looks of his as he slowly polished his glasses. Oh well. Good thing I never tried to be one of those investigative reporters, isn't it?

I used to have the same sort of window that Jill has-- one where the sunlight and glare always seemed to be too fierce, but with the view that Jill has, I know I'd be peeking past those blinds on a regular basis.

Even though we do get to take a look at her oatmeal bowl, I like Jill's minimalism. It's not something that I seem to be able to do in my own home-- I seem to be a bookish version of Pigpen with scraps of paper, pens, and stacks of books following me around-- but it does remind me of something very important to all of us as book bloggers: all we really need is an Internet connection, a computer, and a passion for books. Everything else is gravy.

Thank you so much, Jill, for showing us your creative space. We certainly appreciate this glimpse into your life and your home.

Who will be my next guest on Scene of the Blog? Stop by next Wednesday to find out!


  1. The chair looks really comfy and the view is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was going to say the same as Kay - that chair looks so comfy!!! I haven't got any nice big chairs like that, but would love one - especially one that you don't have to share :-)

  3. Looks like a cozy blogging spot...and Billy is too darn cute!


  4. Love Jill's spot! And when I met Billy, I could tell he had hidden strengths -- he's secure enough that he doesn't have to show off how macho he is. Kind of like Clark Kent.

  5. Oh my, if I had a view like that outside my window, I am not sure I would get much reading done during the daylight hours.

    I love the green laptop :) -- and Billy is too cute for words.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous view!! What an awesome place to the green laptop (would match my green crocs...LOL). And Billy is too cute.

    Thanks for sharing your space with us...going to check out your blog today.

  7. We all have the same reaction: very cozy looking!

  8. Oh to be a minimalist. I'm more like Cathy, Pigpen come to life. Love Billy.

  9. I fall into the Pigpen category as well. :)

    I've always been a bit jealous of those who can blog from the living room on a laptop. I tried it and found that I am old-fashioned and need a desk, chair and regular old computer.

  10. First of all, thanks to Cathy for including me on Scene of the Blog!

    Kay and Jackie - I love that chair. I'd always wanted a giant reading chair, and it was so worth it!

    Anna - Billy is going to get a big head with all the love he's been getting lately. :-)

    Beth Fish - Superbilly?

    Molly - I'm embarassed to say I don't pay much attention to the view, as I've lived on the coast most of my life. I guess I take it for granted.

    Thanks Kara...I hope you stop by!

    Other Jill - And you might be looking at that ocean sometime soon!

    Rural View - I should have taken a picture of the drawers...they can get a bit messy. :-)

    Alyce - Once I got the laptop there was no going back to that desk chair!

  11. A view like that, I would get nothing
    and I know what you mean about that comfy chair once you get a laptop.

  12. What a beautiful view! And such a lovely place to blog. I have a comfy reading chair too but always tend to blog from my boring desk chair in front of my equally boring desk.

  13. Great blogging space! I like the green Del laptop too.

  14. Great blogging spot Jill! Billy is just too cute taking over your laptop.

    I wish I was as neat as you. I'm one of those people with everything on the table by me- pens, paper, camera - the whole works. Anything I might need!

    Oh, love that view as well!

  15. Oh man--you don't know how I envy Jill's minimalist-ness. I am such a clutter bug. And I love her green laptop!

  16. Great space, Jill! Is that Haystack Rock I see in the picture??

  17. Caite and Belle - and how sad is it that my back is to that beautiful view at this very moment?

    Jem - green is a most excellent color. :-D

    Hi Dar! When's Buddy going to borrow your computer?

    Stephanie - I come from a long line of minimalists. Except when it comes to books. :-D

    Julie - Nope, that's Morro's about 300 feet taller than Haystack Rock, and a very long day's drive south.

  18. I have got to get me a chair like that! the corner of the sofa just isn't the same.

  19. That chair does look super comfy. I imagine I would nap in it more than blog though.

  20. I could totally blog there - looks super comfy and a great view too!

  21. That armchair looks really comfy! I also really love Billy, especially his posts from BEA. ;-)

  22. I'm so glad to see Jill's space - she and Billy always make me smile!

  23. I'm jealous of Jill's chair -- would love to have some comfy way to put my feet up! Fun to take a peek in yet another blogger's space!

  24. I have this great desk and office and I do all my blogging from a similar comfy chair in the family room in order to spend time with my hubby. So I can totally relate Jill!

    I got a big kick out of you surrounding yourself with piles of new books balanced on the arms of your chair!


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