Monday, June 07, 2010

A Mystery Writer's Lament


  1. OMG, I loved this!!!! And I'd go to one of his signings in a flash -- I have been enjoying the Puzzle Lady books. Now I like Hall even more than before. Thanks for posting the video, I'm sure I would have missed it otherwise.

  2. Oh, this is hysterical, Cathy! Thanks for posting.

  3. Love this! I had exactly the same experience at a local authors' event at B&N in Vestal, NY. It's soooo humiliating! Too bad I'm not clever enough to write a song about it, and you definitely do not want to hear me sing. :D

  4. This is hilarious! I've been to far too many signings where I was the only one there, and I've always felt bad for the author.

  5. Loved it! Good on him for having a sense of humour about such tenuous promotion opportunities.

  6. Beth-- I may have to start reading his Puzzle Lady books because I've certainly loved his videos!

    Margot-- You're welcome!

    Barbara-- Unfortunately for those within range, I'm the designated singer in this family. That certainly says something about Denis's ability! LOL

    Kathy-- It reminded me of a signing at a bookstore up in Paradise Valley. I felt like buying all the books on the table, poor guy!

    Susan-- A sense of humor can help us through almost anything.


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