Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Link Round-Up

I'm a tree hugger and an animal lover, but right now I'm feeling less than charitable towards my neighborhood pet owners. I love dogs, but the neighbors next-door think it's quite all right to let their little dog out at night to roam the neighborhood yapping its head off. In addition those homeowners who have been blindsided by the economy and have decided to do a midnight flit-- which includes turning their cats loose to become feral-- would be beneath my contempt right now if I could hear myself think.

While I try to find my happy place, let's see what sort of links I managed to gather this week, shall we?

Bookish News & Other Fun Stuff
  • 50 Cool Bookstore Blogs.
  • How independent bookshops are fighting back in Wales.
  • Take a look at Radio Shack's electronic book... circa 1986!
  • A mental health study says that Internet use could make us happier. (I would agree; I discovered my husband online.)
  • Amazon is constantly trying to stay ahead of the competition by adding new features to the Kindle. Some folks think it's just plain creepy. It all reminds me of why I'm not jumping to get any sort of e-reader. I don't want to buy a book and have it magically disappear from my reader, and I don't necessarily want someone tracking anything I highlight. It also reminds me that my friend took a couple of photos of my back garden with his Droid phone, and the blasted things came up labeled with my complete address. I DO NOT LIKE THIS. Okay, Cathy. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ignore Yappy outside.....
  • After that last rant-ette, you probably think I believe Amazon is an ogre. Not so. Have you heard about Amazon Crossing? This could be really good.
  • Have you seen this video of a bookmobile on the streets of Buenos Aires?
  • According to those in the know in Hollywood, Jane Austen may have to move over and make room for the Brontes.
Blogging News & Tips
Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere
New to My Google Reader
That's all for this week. Now I'm heading off to try to immerse myself in Colonial America and forget that there's a yapper wandering up and down the street. See you next week with a fresh batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. You met your husband on the Internet?? Would love to hear about that!!

    My favorite link is the one to the 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling!!! I wish everyone would read that post.

    I wouldn't like my personal information being posted like that...was that with the Kindle??

  2. Love that site, The Oatmeal! Thanks for the link!

    By the way, I'm an animal lover too, but lately I'm at war with the javelinas! They seem so deliberate! They keep coming back to rip up the very same plant, and if I put a little fence around it, they'll rip up the plant next to it. For spite? Who knows what goes on in those javelina brains?!!!

  3. Lately the bane of our existence is a pair of barn swallows who insist they will build a nest on the rafters of our patio. They did so one year and though the babies were adorable and I love swallows, what a mess! As fast as they build, Dave knocks down but I think they're more persistent than we are. :-)

  4. another wonderful week of terrific links for me to peruse!

    I have even favorite placed the 50 cool bookstore blogs and the list of 50 websites from "the Internet could make us happier" article.

    I hope you have a fabulous Colonial weekend.

  5. First I wanted to say thank you for mentioning my blog! And secondly--I loved this post!

    My favorite things: the old Radio Shack e-book (did you get a look at the guys glasses??? LOL) and also the 10 words everyone needs to quit spelling incorrectly. Classic!

  6. Cathy, I am still loving these round-up posts and never fail to be entertained/enlightened/both.

    I hear your pain re the dog. We have four dogs next door. The ring leader is a hysterical yapper that sets the others off when something exciting happens like a twig falls or a car goes by. BUT it isn't constant and it isn't so bad at night. After reading about your yapper, I am feeling more charitable about ours!

  7. Kara-- Not much to tell. I don't think it's as unusual as it used to be. My complete address showing up on the photos was done by a Droid phone. Evidently Google Earth is part of the package. I read a lot of mysteries, so I think Droid phones should be used in one or two books. :)

    Rhapsody-- You're welcome. I'd *almost* want to duel with javalinas just for some novelty. Notice I said "almost"!

    Barbara-- We used to have a pair of Gila woodpeckers who insisted on trying to drill a new home in the side of our house. We finally hung a shiny metallic windspinner as close as we could to their favored spot, and that's done the trick. No more drilling.

    Molly-- Thank you. I'm glad you liked the links.

    Julie-- You're welcome. I'm glad you liked my round-up!

    Susan-- That sort of charity quickly evaporates, though. I know from experience!

  8. I can see I am not the target audience of "Ten words ..." but I definitely wonder where that A in definitely could be???? (My students regularly make the other mistakes, but not that one).

  9. Dorte-- You see it over here all the time: definately. Drives me crazy!


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