Saturday, May 01, 2010

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This week, I've been enjoying the company of a very special house guest, so my attention has not been on this blog. Denis and I took our guest out on a trail yesterday where we had adventures (of course), and you'll undoubtedly hear about them sooner or later, complete with illustrations.

I haven't read much this week, so I certainly haven't had time to look for any books to put on my wish list. It's a good thing that I have two that I forgot to put on last week's, so let me look those up and tell you all about them! Click on the covers for more detailed information.

Amberwell by D.E. Stevenson.

"The five Ayrtons spent a happy, secluded childhood at Amberwell, the family estate. They grew up into a different world, however. War clouds scudded from the continent. Two boys left home to meet tragedy and heartbreak. Another Ayrton was driven to a disastrous marriage. But one stayed home, and this is her story. Only with Nell's help could Amberwell be "home," a place to relive the past and anticipate a golden future. Amberwell is the name of an estate on the west coast of Scotland which has been in the Ayrton family for several generations descending from father to son in an un-broken line. It was a tradition in the family that each new owner would add to the amenities of the place and in this way Amberwell grew larger and more beautiful as the years went by and was endowed with gardens and terraces and orchards. The story is concerned with the five young Ayrtons who grew up at Amberwell and played in the gardens and then ventured forth into the world, but the "hero" of the story is Amberwell itself. To each of the children Amberwell meant something different; it influenced their thoughts and molded their lives."

Death of a Bawdy Belle by M.E. Kemp

"Salem, Massachusetts, 1692: Arabella Edwards, a mysterious beauty, is found hanging from the Salem gallows, yet the courts had nothing to do with her death. It is up to Hetty Henry, a wealthy widow past 25 years of age, to help with the inquiries. The first thing Hetty notices is an expensive lacy shift hidden beneath the plain clothes of the victim. The second thing she notices is what should be there but isn't: a hood to cover her hair, a travel cloak, a chain of household keys...."

I know that the pickings are rather slim this week, but do either of those titles tickle your fancy? Do tell!

See you next Friday with another edition of bookfinds!


  1. I'm curious about your house guest - your elusiveness makes me think it was an animal or a child.

  2. LOL to Kathys comment above.... I second her thoughts..... who is the mystery house guest? :)

    Death Of A Bawdy Belle has my interest for a fun tongue twisting title!

  3. It sounds like you got two great books this week, have fun.

  4. Kathy-- I think you've probably seen him by now. I'm way too slow at replying to comments here. :(

    Sheila-- That title is fun, isn't it?

    Ryan-- I will!


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