Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Sheila of One Person's Journey Through a World of Books!

This week my guest blogger is someone who always makes me smile, someone who can infuse a bit of energy into these bones of mine whether they want it or not. Who is this guest blogger?

Sheila of One Person's Journey Through a World of Books!

Yes, there are author interviews, book giveaways, memes, book reviews, and many other goodies to savor on her blog, but it's Sheila's personality that I enjoy the most. She's a happy, energetic, and very giving person, and that's what shines through so well on her blog. If you've never visited One Person's Journey Through a World of Books, I hope you'll click on over to say hi!

Without further ado, let's take a look at where Sheila blogs. Luck is with all of us this week because Sheila is a mobile blogger, and we get to take a look at her cold weather blogging spot as well as her warm weather space. Since winter is still with many of us, we'll start there.... (Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.)

I have "blogged" my book reading thoughts since before there were blogs. I have large three ring journals filled with the books I have read and my thoughts on them. My friends would go through my binders to find a book choice for their next read. You can just imagine my delight when I found out about blogging!

My book blog, Journey Through Books, is all about books I have read, my book club has some great shots in there (be sure to look at July 2008 entries of our annual Queen event. I love to make reading fun and my favorite discussions are around books and authors. I am well known in our community as the book girl and now that I have discovered book blogs, my passion has only grown.

I have fun with a thing I like to call Morning Meanderings which I do about 5 days a week. This is what I call "me unplugged" I share a little bit of my life, maybe a blog I encountered or a book I seen around.... It's pretty lite, usually kind of funny and my readers tell me they enjoy it.

Recently I inherited the incredible It's Monday, What Are You Reading meme from J. Kaye's Blog. I love this meme and I have met so many wonderful bloggers by taking this one and of course added more books from their suggestions to my TBR pile.

I don't know a lot about web design so currently my blog is through WordPress. I like it because it is simple to use, I choose a template and go from there, but I don't have the versatility that I see on some of the book blogs I read. Some of the widgets I covet are also not available for use on WordPress blogs. I try to find new things to keep it looking good and recently have added a couple pages to it.

My blog has grown in leaps and bounds and I can not even believe I have only been doing this since last June. I hope to meet some of Cathy's readers (if I haven't already) so stop by anytime - the coffee is always on!

The first two photos show Sheila and her cold weather blogging space, which looks very homey and comfortable. I wouldn't hesitate to sit in that recliner because I swear I had its twin for years-- I know how comfy it is! I also like the tables on either side which can hold books, laptops, and other tools of the trade.

My favorite thing about Sheila's warm weather space (besides that snazzy mouse) may not be readily apparent. You may have to click on the photo to enlarge it, but take a look at the reflection in the glass behind Sheila's right shoulder. Can you see her blogging companion?

Thank you so very much, Sheila, for letting into your home to take a look at your blogging spaces. We really do appreciate it!

Who's coming up next Wednesday? You'll have to stop by to find out. See you then!


  1. Nice to be able to picture Sheila in her "home environment". That recliner does look comfy and the outside spot is very nice too. Thanks for sharing, Cathy!

  2. Nice post and Sheila's blog looks like one I need to follow for sure :)

  3. Popping in early before I go hit the gym! I had to laugh Cathy, when you mentioned my reading companion in the reflection I had to really look - I had never noticed that before! LOL

    That's Bailey and he is one of two shih-tsus who are part of our family.

    Thanks for the lovely Scene Of The Blog Cathy! :)

    I will stop back throughout the day to chat with your visitors. :)

  4. I love seeing Sheila's space and agree she is a wonderful blogger!

  5. Oh! I love the reddish shelf next to her recliner! I must know where she got it from!

  6. Ahhhhh! Thank you Kathy! :)

    Jenn - I bought that in St Cloud a couple years ago. It is a magazine rack but I usually have books on it. :)

  7. We love our Sheila! And now we know we know where she does her reading and blogging :) Thanks for the post.

  8. I've only recently discovered Shelia, so it tickled me to have this little peek into how she does things! Thanks for the great post!

  9. I agree Cathy, Sheila's blog is great and you can tell she loves what she is doing and I always read MM.

    I have been reading Sheila's blog for a while now and really enjoy seeing where she blogs in both hot and cold weather.

  10. Oh, what a great post! I first connected with Sheila back in the summer last year...June, I think. And even though she had just started blogging, she had hit the ground running. She has been an inspiration and a "guru" for those of us needing pointers.

    Love that deck! And the recliner, which goes without saying!

  11. I've enjoyed Sheila's blog for several months now. I should go to hers first since she gets me revved up and ready to go. She's small but has more energy than I think I ever had.

  12. This looks comfortable indeed! And her hot-weather blogging space makes me long for summer!

    Well, spring is on its way here, but we still have loads of dirty, old snow!

  13. In my office - popping over here on a wee bit of a coffee break (I can say wee bit.... I am Irish!)

    Wow! Thank you Larry, JAD, Cindy, Laurel and Rural! You sure all made me smile today!

    Yes I am a reader/blogger of all seasons. For the record - I much prefer my deck to the recliner and can not wait for the warm weather so I can get out there! :)

  14. I'd love to be blogging at the table on the deck. I think it would take my mind in all sorts of directions. I'm off to "discover" Sheila's blog for myself.

  15. I wish I could blog on the patio! I love Sheila's Morning Meanderings--I don't know how she's so perky so early in the a.m.!

  16. It's always nice to find out a little more about Sheila. She is a great blogger and an inspiration to many of us.

  17. Great blogging space Sheila as well as your blogging buddy! I'd love to blog outside in the summer but I can't seem to see my screen too well. Maybe I need a more shaded area.

  18. Quick pop in before I go to the next phase of my day....
    Thanks Dorte - I am anxious for summer too!

    Hi Margot - thanks for the drop in! :)

    Lisa and Ryan, you are always so sweet to me! Oh and Lisa... I think the perky comes from the coffee :)

    Hi Darlene - how funny is that I never seen the dog in the picture until Cathy pointed him out today!

  19. Blogging on the deck IS a really good idea!

  20. Sheila is such a wonderful person...and blogger! I have so enjoyed meeting her online and blogging with her. I love that we get to see where she reads and blogs. Someday, I would like to show where I read and blog, but I have to clean my house first...LOL!

  21. I too love the deck space. I love that look of concentration too! :--)

    We have some chairs and a table outside but there's always flies or tarantulas or whatever disturbing my equilibrium.

  22. Hi Jeanne - I do love my deck.. I can not wait to get back on it this summer :)

    Thanks Michelle! :)

    rhapsodyingbooks - tarantulas???? GAH! LOL

    Thank you everyone for your comments :)

    Thank you again Cathy for hosting me today - it was a lot of fun!

  23. Lovely spaces -- indoors and out! I changed my Internet connection earlier this year and I hope I'll be able to blog outside come warmer weather.

  24. Hi Beth! It is hard to keep me inside when the weather is beautiful and warm! :)

  25. Sheila-- As for spotting Bailey, I guess you could say that I must read too many mysteries. I tend to check for clues even when there's no reason to! LOL

    Rhapsody-- Tarantulas? How cool is that! I think I'd be sitting out there with my camera instead of reading or blogging.

    Thank you, everyone, for stopping by Scene of the Blog!

  26. I like both of her book reading spots.

  27. That chair looks like a cozy, comfy place to read. I think I'd do more napping than reading, though. ;)

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