Monday, March 08, 2010

Mailbox Monday-- Neither Rain Nor Snow...

My favorite meme, hands down, is Mailbox Monday, which is hosted by Marcia on her blog, The Printed Page. I'm one of those bookaholics who just loves seeing which books other ravenous readers are bringing into their homes.

If you'd like to join in, or if you'd just like to see those books, glorious books, click on that redhead over to the left. She'll take you right to the heart of the action!

I'm finally beginning to make some sort of headway on all the reviews I'm behind on, thank goodness. When I've finished a review, I turn right around and post that book on Paperback Swap (PBS). So when I take a look at my notes, I see that 7 books went out to new Paperback Swap foster homes while 4 books arrived in my mailbox.

Here's the scoop on the books the mail carrier delivered to my door:

  1. Black Rain by Graham Brown (PBS). "Danielle Laidlaw, an investigator for a covert branch of the National Research Institute, sets off into the Amazon with a small group of mercenaries, renegades, rogues, and scholars to uncover the source of mysterious radioactive crystals, hoping to find an ancient Mayan city and a possible source for clean energy. Ruthless billionaire Richard Kaufman has his own plans for the technology and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means killing Danielle and her team. There are other dangers lurking in the rain forests...."
  2. The Mapping of Love and Death by Jacqueline Winspear (Amazon Vine). "August 1914. Michael Clifton is mapping the land he has just purchased in California's beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, certain that oil lies beneath its surface. But as the young cartographer prepares to return home to Boston, war is declared in Europe. Michael—the youngest son of an expatriate Englishman—puts duty first and sails for his father's native country to serve in the British army. Three years later, he is listed among those missing in action. April 1932. London psychologist and investigator Maisie Dobbs is retained by Michael's parents, who have recently learned that their son's remains have been unearthed in France. They want Maisie to find the unnamed nurse whose love letters were among Michael's belongings—a quest that takes Maisie back to her own bittersweet wartime love. Her inquiries, and the stunning discovery that Michael Clifton was murdered in his trench, unleash a web of intrigue and violence that threatens to engulf the soldier's family and even Maisie herself."

  3. Still Midnight by Denise Mina (Amazon Vine). "Alex Morrow is not new to the police force-or to crime-but there is nothing familiar about the call she has just received. On a still night in a quiet suburb of Glasgow, Scotland, three armed men have slipped from a van into a house, demanding a man who is not, and has never been, inside the front door. In the confusion that ensues, one family member is shot and another kidnapped, the assailants demanding an impossible ransom. Is this the amateur crime gone horribly wrong that it seems, or something much more unexpected?"
  4. The White Mary by Kira Salak (PBS). "Marika, an ambitious journalist, travels to discover the truth about war correspondent Robert Lewis, who has observed some of the modern world's greatest atrocities. He is believed to have committed suicide, but a letter from a missionary leaves Marika thinking he may still be alive in the wilds of Papua New Guinea. She sets off on her quest, and eventually malaria, ritual murder and arduous trekking through the wilderness lead Marika to some startling discoveries and a pathway out of her own past trauma."
I have to admit that I did happy dances over the Mina and Winspear books, since those are two of my favorite authors.

How about you? Do you have any of these books? Or did you add any of them to your own wish list?

Gotta go-- it's time to see what everyone else found in their mailboxes!


  1. These are new to me titles. The Mapping Of Love and Death sounds very interesting to me. I hope you enjoy all your new reads.

  2. I like Winspear too; I haven't made it to Mapping yet.

  3. This is my favorite meme, too! And all of your titles are new to me...Black Rain is not part of the "Rain" series is it?


  4. The White Mary is excellent! Happy reading!

  5. I got Still Midnight too. I'm admiring the date stickers on the spines of your books and I'm wondering if you'd come organize me!

  6. Your Mailbox Monday books are new-to-me all of them. And btw I like your new look. I've been MIA for some weeks, and am trying to catch up, and haven't seen your new look until now. Looks great.

  7. I really enjoyed Black Rain, hope you do as well! Happy reading. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  8. Two books for me last week. You can see them here.

  9. Great list of books, I can't wait to hear what you think of them.

  10. I'm one behind on the Winspeare series. I like Maisie Dobbs- an interesting character and quite different. I hope you enjoy the books. Have a great week and happy reading. Here's my mailbox

  11. I have SERIOUS Mina envy...and want to know why it was not on my Amazon Vine offerings. It's a plot I tell ya!

  12. I also have a Denise Mina on my TBR, and the more I hear about her, the more I am looking forward to it.

  13. Beth-- Thanks. I've already begun reading The Mapping of Love and Death, and I'm loving it... a typical reaction to Winspear!

    Wordlily-- I have. I'm only sitting here because I know I have some tasks that must be done. I'd much rather be reading that book!

    Michele-- No, it isn't.

    Nicola-- Thanks for the vote on The White Mary!

    Kathy-- It's been a long time since I was in SC. I'd be more than happy to come over for an organizational visit. ;)

    Brooke-- I'll have to stop by and take a look!

    Louise-- Thank you!

    Alayne-- Thanks for the vote on Black Rain. I'll come over to take a look at yours!

    Puss-- Okie dokie!

    Ryan-- I seem to be reading through them quickly, so hopefully you won't have long to wait. :)

    Kaye-- Comin' over to take a look! :)

    Michele-- Better late than never!

    Caite-- It wasn't??? How strange!

    Dorte-- You have such a treat waiting for you!


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