Monday, February 01, 2010

Poll Results Are In!

A big Thank You to all 83 readers who voted in this poll which asked, "Did you make any bookish resolutions for 2010?" I always look forward to your answers because they always provide food for thought.

The greatest number of respondents (24) said that they don't make resolutions. I tend to be in that camp in most things, but books are just a tad different.

23 said that they wanted to read more books in 2010 than they did the year before. I'll go along with that. At the rate I accrue books, I have to read more in order to keep my lower lip above water!

The other higher scoring responses all had something to do with control. 22 said that they wanted to read the books they have and not keep buying more. It's a nice thought, but I sincerely think I could be turned into the only zombie that routinely stumbles into The Poisoned Pen to take a stack of pristine mysteries to the counter to buy. Forget what normal zombies do. Since when have I ever been normal?

Another 22 said that they wanted to read out of their comfort zone more. This is something I want to do as well. No one should let themselves go along unthinkingly with the status quo. (Why am I seeing zombies again, and what got me on zombies in the first place?)

19 folks want to catch up on some of their favorite series, and 18 want to use their local libraries more. 17 just plain want to get their personal libraries under control. I'd like to catch up on some of the dozens of series I've started, and I actually think I have got my personal library under control, thanks to joining Paperback Swap.

Speaking of Paperback Swap, 6 people said that they'd like to start using a book swapping site. If anyone has any questions about Paperback Swap, please feel free to ask me!

9 people want to support their favorite industry by buying books regularly, and 9 more said that they couldn't find their answer from my list. If any of these 9 would like to share the resolutions they made, I'd love to hear them!

It sounds as though many of those who answered do want more control over what they read and how much money they spend on books, but they also want to keep the enjoyment factor as high as possible.

Can't argue with that one little bit!


  1. Thanks for sharing the results. I don't make resolutions either.

  2. I love reading your poll results -- you do a great job of summarizing. I love making goals, but I don't worry about not meeting them.

  3. Serena-- I usually have a rough idea of where I want to go, but I don't put anything "in writing". :)

    Beth-- Now it bothers me a lot, which is why I don't make resolutions. :)

  4. I enjoy your poll result wrap-ups too. Evaluating trends is interesting - and sometimes enlightening. But it is also fun - especially when you get sidetracked with zombies ;0)

  5. Someone else noticed the zombies!


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