Monday, January 25, 2010

Spam, Spam, Spam, Egg and Spam

Either my blog is becoming more noticed, or the spammers are getting desperate and going farther afield.

I used to have Kittling: Books set so that anyone could leave a comment. Daring, eh? But I didn't have a problem. The "Anonymous" folks left legitimate comments, and I only had to set restrictions on older posts.

Well... now I'm starting to get crap on new posts from anonymous time wasters, and you know what that means. Something nice and easy gets ruined for everyone else.

No more anonymous comments, I'm afraid. Life's too short for me to spend time deleting this junk from my blog.


  1. What a pity Cathy. Every now and again "sexy" visits me, and anonymous's inane comemnts get my goat too.

  2. I've been getting totally weird ones lately too. And I can't figure out their purpose. Maybe if they actually opened some of the books we blog about, they would find better ways to occupy their time! :--)

  3. I get these too Cathy, but also the email address I use for competitions is bombarded with spam.
    I never knew I had so many long lost relatives leaving me $15 million, or that so many financial directors of the Bank of Western Nigeria or Togo Oil Inc died intestate leaving vast sums of money.

  4. Yeah, it stinks that a few have to ruin it by their inanity. I disabled anonymous comments about 6 weeks ago and it has stopped. I hated to do it but there is a limit.

  5. I am sorry to hear it, Cathy. I've had a few spam comments, too, and it's maddening, isn't it? It is sad, though.

  6. Right now I am holding okay with moderation on older posts, but the spammers are starting to hit more recent posts. I hope I don't have to take the same action, but I who has time to delete comments?

  7. I used to have it like that too, but now I had to block anom cos those pesky spammers would not leave me alone

  8. yep, they even found me recently, so they look VERY hard.

  9. I had to tighten the qualifications on my little blog too. I kept getting advertising stuff.

  10. I had to do the same thing a few months ago, and I probably won't switch back. So far, I'm continuing to avoid word verification and comment moderation, though.

    Too bad people always have to ruin a good thing. Hope the spammers leave you alone now!

  11. Oh goodness, I think I have noticed 1 or 2 comments but my issue is the email. I am upset with myself that I didn't start a new email for blogging, it is terrible, I have had the same hotmail account for almost 10 years without a spam issue, uggh.

    I feel your pain.

  12. I hear you.... I really dont get what the big incentive is in spamming but I get to clean up about 5 - 10 a day. Thank goodness wordpress catches them and all I have to do is review them and make sure they didnt spam anything that shouldnt have boon.

  13. Okay, where on earth did you find that picture?! I mean, who got that guy to dress up with a can of spam on? They must have paid him well. Hilarious!

    Yeah, the Spam club. Welcome aboard. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) for me, my site is new enough that I can control it myself, but it still gets bad. Good luck! We understand!

  14. Kerrie-- They don't exactly get my goat. I think I have more of a world weary attitude about it. With all the problems in the world, you find THIS worth doing? Bah.

    Rhapsody-- Plain and simple: they just don't care.

    Norman-- For some strange reason, the email address of mine that's "out there" hasn't been. Yet. Of course I just jinxed myself!

    Kaye-- I put off doing it because I was wanting to see how long it would take them to figure out the parameters I'd set.

    Margot K-- It is sad.

    Beth-- They'll find out sooner or later. They did on mine.

    Blodeuedd-- Why do people think that's a viable way to spend their days? I just don't understand!

    Caite-- You're not THAT far below the radar! LOL

    Joe-- Yes, it's a very wide-ranging problem.

    Florinda-- I don't want to be forced to use those either. I hate those when I'm trying to leave comments on other blogs!

    MarceJ-- Yup. Once your email address is out there, you're sunk, unfortunately.

    Susan-- The Monty Python sketch pretty much summed it up for me! LOL

    Sheila-- I had parameters set where there was basically only one way they could get in. It took them quite a while, but they found it, bless their pointy little heads!

    1st-- Yes, it's definitely a universal problem. :(

  15. I have also had visits from ´Sexy´, and now and then comments which seem to be commercials (full of odd links I dare not visit) so I have used comment modification for a long time.

    Sad, but necessary.

  16. Yep Cathy I think I'm going to have to do the same thing. I am soooo sick of the anonymous crap spam....

  17. I've had a lot of what I assume is spam written in Chinese characters lately.

  18. Yep - me too - touting who know what...

  19. I may have to do that too since the older post moderation is not working on new and those anonymous ad wackos are at it again.

  20. Dorte-- I hope I never have to go the comment moderation route because it can kill the free flow of ideas and observations.

    Luanne-- It seems to have done the trick for me. I hope it works for you, too.

    Jeanne-- I was getting that every day for weeks on older posts. I could tell it was a spam bot that didn't care whether or not its "mahjong tiles" showed up or not.

    Serena-- If all these nitwits that have so much time on their hands would donate some of that time to those of us who don't have enough....

  21. You and me both! I keep getting some in either Japanese or Chinese and I'm getting others too. So annoying. Right now I just delete those emails and publish the good ones. Then once in awhile I'll log into blogger and reject all the spam ones.


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