Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mailbox Monday-- The P.O. Has Most of 'em

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Last week was a slow one because Denis and I were out of town for most of it. One book managed to sneak through on Monday, and we came home Saturday to one waiting on the doorstep. If I got more than that, then the post office is keeping them safe for me, and they'll show up on next week's Mailbox post. So... 3 books to new Paperback Swap (PBS) foster homes and 2 books in. Here's the scoop on the two that I received:

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith (PBS). "Set in the Soviet Union in 1953, this stellar debut from British author Smith offers appealing characters, a strong plot and authentic period detail. When war hero Leo Stepanovich Demidov, a rising star in the MGB, the State Security force, is assigned to look into the death of a child, Leo is annoyed, first because this takes him away from a more important case, but, more importantly, because the parents insist the child was murdered. In Stalinist Russia, there's no such thing as murder; the only criminals are those who are enemies of the state. After attempting to curb the violent excesses of his second-in-command, Leo is forced to investigate his own wife, the beautiful Raisa, who's suspected of being an Anglo-American sympathizer. Demoted and exiled from Moscow, Leo stumbles onto more evidence of the child killer. The evocation of the deadly cloud-cuckoo-land of Russia during Stalin's final days will remind many of Gorky Park and Darkness at Noon, but the novel remains Smith's alone, completely original and absolutely satisfying."

The Highest Stakes by Emery Lee (ARC from Sourcebooks). "All thoroughbred horses in the world to this very day can trace their blood back to three specific Arabian stallions imported to England in the early part of the 18th century. Against this backdrop comes a painstakingly researched novel with breathtaking scenes of real races, real horses, glimpses of the men who cared for them, and the tensions of those who owned and controlled them. In 18th century England and Colonial Virginia, when high-spirited stallions filled the stables of the lords of the land and fortunes were won and lost on the outcome of a race, a love story unfolds between a young woman for whom her uncle's horses are her only friends and the young man who teaches her everything about their care and racing. When she's forced into marriage, his only hope of winning her back is to race his horse to reclaim all that was stolen from him—his land, his dignity, and his love."

That's all for this week. Don't forget to stop by next week when I'll have a whole new batch of goodies from my mailbox!


  1. I read Child 44 last year and really enjoyed it. the mystery was good, if terriably sad, and I liked the sense of place and time. I hope you enjoy it as well. I plan to get this author's new book.

  2. Highest Stakes sounds a good one - we live in a town that's a centre for thoroughbred racing so have an interest in that subject.

  3. I may have to add Child 44 to the stack (like you, many recommend highly). Always glad to see another Craig Johnson fan. Thanks for this.

  4. Child 44 is a book I would totally read. Great mailbox. Happy reading.

  5. Have fun with your two new books, they both sounds like interesting reads.

  6. It sounds like you've got a lot to look forward to next week! I read Child 44 when I first started my blog and really enjoyed it!

  7. Looks like a couple of good ones. I couldn't get Highest Stakes, so I look forward to your review.

  8. The Highest Stakes sounds and looks interesting. I hope you enjoy them.

    My MM is here Have a good week and happy reading!

  9. Child 44 sounds exciting.

    Enjoy your books!

  10. I also got two. A welcome gift from a British friend, my book fairy.

    The other one was a surprise. A New York publisher offered me a review book Tuesday, I accepted it, and I held it in my hand less than 45 hours later. I think she must be a witch, or perhaps she borrowed Obama´s private jet.

  11. The Highest Stakes is a new one to me. Very interesting sounding.

  12. Both books sound good! I have been thinking about reading Child 44 after reading many good reviews for it. Enjoy both books!

  13. I hope the Highest Stakes is as good as it sounds!

  14. Chris-- They do, and I'm certainly looking forward to reading them!

    Sharon-- Thanks so much for the "thumbs up" on Child 44!

    Cat-- I've loved horses (and horse racing) most of my life, so I'm looking forward to reading this one.

    Brooke-- Not quite my usual mystery fare, eh? :)

    le0pard13-- You're welcome. I love Craig Johnson's books and recommend them to anyone who will hold still long enough for me to put in a plug. Sometimes they don't even have to stand still. :)

    Serena-- Thanks!

    Ryan-- I don't know which one I want to pick up first!

    Kathy-- I'm glad you liked Child 44. :)

    Elizabeth-- It's too bad you couldn't get hold of a copy. :(

    Kaye-- Off to check out your MM!

    DC-- I will. Thanks!

    Alayne-- Off to check out your MM!

    Dorte-- Sounds like the delivery service of the gods to me!

    Kristen-- I'm really looking forward to reading it.

    Beth-- I will. Thanks!

    Mary-- So do I!

  15. A friend sent me Child 44 and I'm looking forward to it. Highest Stakes is new to me and looks good.

  16. Coming home from somewhere to books is always fun.

    My mailbox is at SMS Book Reviews and one of my books is about the TV show LOST!

  17. Beth-- Child 44 is one of those books that received so much notice when it was first published that I decided to keep it on the back burner until the furor had died down. I didn't want the hype distracting me!

    Callista-- Off to check out your mailbox. Thanks for stopping by!


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