Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The Salt River below Roosevelt Dam

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  1. Makes me wish for a little boat so I could drift down the river.

  2. Lovely!! I agree, I'd love to raft that section.

  3. In northeast PA it's a dreary day and I'm listening to rifle fire since it's the third day of deer season. :-( How I would love to be canoeing down this beautiful section of the Salt River. Thanks for the momentary escape.

  4. that's a lovely shot of the river. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  5. ...hoping to get a place on that raft, drifting down that river too...

    my picture today has a similar perspective now that I think about it.

  6. Kathy-- In the summer, folks like to rent inner tubes to do the same thing.

    Beth-- I would, too, because it's far away from where the rest of the rafters hang out.

    Barbara-- You're quite welcome! I remember those days from living in central Illinois. Too many idiots from Chicago would come down to shoot anything that moved in fields or woods.

    Kaye-- You know me, I always like to wander down the road!

    Caite-- I'll definitely have to take a look. I'm a bit behind with my Google Reader.


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