Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Too cute! I'm usually trying to chase them away, tho.

  2. that's a great shot, he's so cute. I enjoy playing this fun meme with you every week-- I have a little something for you today.

  3. Kathy-- Actually he wanted to make sure he was first in line if any more Doritos made an appearance! LOL

    Sheila-- No, he's a golden mantled squirrel high up in the White Mountains by the shore of Black Canyon Lake. Denis and I try to go up there a couple of times per year to visit the colony.

    Beth-- I won't post any of the videos Denis has taken where I'm sitting on a log with squirrels climbing up and down my legs and sniffing my boobs! LOL

    Kaye-- Thank you!


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