Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who's Happier-- You or Your Pet?

You And Your Pet Are Equally Happy

You're about as happy as your pet is, and that's an amazingly good outcome.

It's likely that both you and your pet are relaxed, playful, and content with life.

Like your pet, you've figured out how to life in the moment. You let yourself enjoy life to the fullest.

Keep hanging out with your pet. Studies show that people with pets are happier, and this is clearly the case for you.


  1. My pet is happier than I am, but it's not surprising since she thinks I'm here to fulfill her every wish.

  2. We are currently pet-less (sob), but I took the quiz based on one of our late cats. We were equally happy.

  3. Kathy-- Somehow that doesn't surprise me with Milou! LOL

    Beth-- I did the same thing with one of my late dogs.

  4. Caite-- I don't either. I took the quiz in memory of a former pet.


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