Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

If the truth were known, I'm more interested in what I'll be cooking for Thanksgiving dinner than I am any links I found, but this is addictive: once you start gathering the things, it's almost impossible to stop! Let's see what caught my eye during the past week....

Bookish News

Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere

Social Media and Blogging Tips

New to My Google Reader
That's all for this week. Don't forget to stop by next Sunday when I'll have a whole new batch of links for your surfing pleasure. (Don't forget to have that cup of coffee ready!)

For all of us who celebrate it, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I will because I have so much to be thankful for-- including all of you faithful readers. I truly appreciate all your support!


  1. Greta stuff, I enjoyed the twitter thing. Hm didn't know that my once green avatar meant that

  2. Wow! A lot of work goes into these weekly links! Hope you visit my Sunday Salon

  3. I've already checked out some of the links and even commented! Thanks for the nice round-up. And I'm always happy to see who you've added to your reader -- I usually visit each one you've listed.

  4. I enjoyed reading the suggestions in comments in the book cover article. But the school story? Don't all involved have better things to do?

    Thanks, Cathy!

  5. I loved the link to the Washington post article on Twilight "victims"!

    I was SO Jenny in that article. I was not going to go for that "fluff", that "teenage vampire story", that book that must be completely devoid of any true literary quality.

    And then my friend had me watch the Twilight movie last week....

    Oh the humanity! I fell in love with that story! How can this be? I cannot be one of those grown women wanting to read Twilight books! All I can say is at least I have not resorted to thinking Pattison is hot. Good grief. Could they have picked anyone less like who they described in the book? Christopher Walken perhaps?

    But, yes, I am now completely devoid of any sense and can't wait to see New Moon. You may now put me out of my misery, which is what I said I would need if this day ever came! lol

  6. Blodeuedd-- you know! ;)

    Harvee-- I'll be there bright and early tomorrow morning!

    Beth-- Another person who can't resist checking out new blogs! :)

    Susan-- know how it goes....

    Rebecca-- I thought that article might strike a chord with someone! LOL


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