Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

The weather finally seems to be cooling off here in Phoenix. I was beginning to think that I was living in the Land of Perpetual Summer. The cooling couldn't come at a better time, since I have to take another look at the Thanksgiving dinner menu before finalizing my grocery list. But before I do that, let's see what sort of links I've gathered together for you today!

Bookish Topics
Blogging Tips
Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere

New to My Google Reader
That's it for this week. Don't forget to stop by next Sunday when I'll have a whole new batch of links fresh out of the oven just for you!


  1. There have been a couple posts this week that have pointed out the cost of producing ARCs - something I had no idea about!

  2. Interesting stuff for my Sunday :D Thanks

  3. So many interesting links this week.

    I had seen Declan Burke´s sad post about being a writer, and it is one of the posts that has made the largest impression on me this week.

  4. Thank you for pointing out the list of 50 books from 2010. I hadn't seen that! It is weird to see so many of my favorite authors next to titles I haven't seen before.

  5. I always love your link roundup posts, so many interesting things to read about! I was glad to get a look about how publishers and authors feel about ARCs, and the post on giveaways too (been thinking about how I host mine).

  6. I am going to check out the 50 books to read in 2010 right now! Thanks for another great link round up.

  7. Carrie--Same here. It was very interesting reading!

    Blodeuedd-- You're welcome! :)

    Dorte-- Me, too. Sad, sad, sad.

    Jackie-- It is, isn't it? What on earth did I do before the days of electronic wish lists??

    Jeane-- I've been wondering about doing my very first giveaway, so that post really interested me.

    Louise-- You're welcome!

  8. I espeically enjoyed the Comments link - that was an interesting discussion! Thanks for your link research.

  9. Molly/Andy-- You're welcome! I just went back to see if there were any more interesting additions to that post.

  10. Thanks again for the weekly digest. I'm just now catching up on my reading, and this helps!

  11. Jeanne-- I'm very glad to hear that. Thank you!


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