Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scene of the Blog Featuring Louise of Lou's Pages!

This week we're boarding the Armchair Express to Copenhagen, Denmark, to visit Louise of Lou's Pages. Well...she's not only of Lou's Pages. She has two other blogs: Bogsider, which is written in Danish, and Lou's Egyptology, which is all about another of her passions. Books, reading, writing, Egyptology, travel, Medieval Europe, American history, photography-- with those interests Lou always has something to do! Lou's Pages is filled with the books she's read, her participation in NaBloPoMo, and some of her wonderful photography. This is one very interesting blogger, and if you haven't visited her blog(s) before, I hope you take the opportunity to stop by and say hello. Chances are, you'll be adding her to your reader of choice just like I did!

Now's the time for me to have the stage manager swing this spotlight away from me and shine it right on Lou's blogging space. Let's see where she creates all those posts for three different blogs! Click on the photos if you'd like to see them full size.

Apart from tidying up just a little and lighting that little candle on my table, it's pretty much how this place looks. The large TV-set in front of my bookshelves is an old one, actually a new, old one which quit functioning one day after the guarantee ran out. It's so heavy and my better half hasn't gotten himself together to take it down to the trash yet - we live on the 4th floor and cannot (of course) just throw this thing out in normal trash. So it's still here and frankly, it's beginning to bother me a lot!

With the time delay in posting Lou's feature here on Kittling: Books, I certainly hope she's said good-bye to that television set! Something like that would, indeed, get very tiresome very fast. (And how do inanimate objects always know when their warranties run out?)

I love the red splashes of color in her lamp and filing cabinet. In the second photo I can see that she has a book on Egyptology by her laptop as well as a Blogging Essential: the drink of choice, hers being Diet Coke. (Slight pause while I go refill my green tea.)

Has anyone besides the Resident Nosy Parker (me) turned their head to the side to try to read some of the spines showing on Lou's bookcase? I didn't think I was alone!

Lou has a small space that is relatively unadorned. There are no pictures on the wall. She's in the corner. But for some reason this doesn't bother me. Lou impresses me as a person who doesn't necessarily need wall art. It is so very easy for me to picture her sitting there late at night in the pool of light cast by that small red lamp. Her mind is traveling, creating pictures, putting words together to form her posts. Imagination is alive in that corner with the red filing cabinet, and I for one am very glad.

Thank you so much for sharing your creative space with us, Lou. We really appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring another book blogger's creative space on Scene of the Blog!


  1. Nice space and the candle was a nice touch :)

    And yes I did try to read those spines too

  2. Lou seems very organized!

  3. I really love this feature! My world of books has changed a lot since I first submitted my pics to you.... my books have grown and grown... :)

  4. It is great to see Lou's space. It looks so clean and fresh! It is nice to be able to picture her blogging away!

  5. How wonderful to see Lou's space and learn more about her! I love her blog.

  6. Thanks a lot for this, Cathy, and for all the comments.

    More than 2 years ago, we had one of our living rooms painted a dark Pompeiian red and the other living room paited what is called Manor Green. It ahd been like that for almost 10 years, so we grew tired of it. I had a ton of framed sepia toned family photos, various framed posters, shelves w/ knick knacks hanging on those walls, which are now white.

    We painted everything white 2 years ago, and never put anything up again, because we liked the white and simple walls, which was something new after years of unbelievable clutter. So we still have stacks of posters and photos lined up against the walls, and now the white is beginning to need a new coat. LOL. We live in the middle of the city, so the white walls get a yellowish tinge after a few years because of the general pollution (although Copenhagen is not a polluted capital as such).

    The de-funct TV-set is gone, thankfully.

    I can see that the images were taken when I was still writing my MA thesis, hence the Egyptology books. That is also thankfully over now!

    And even though it may seem like it, I am not organized. I wish. We live among stacks of books, papers, pillows, candles and STUFF and sometimes we just have to toss out things, otherwise it grows over our heads.

    The candle is gone as well ;-) But right now I am sitting again with a diet coke (called Coke Light in Danish ;o)

    Thanks again for your comments :-)

  7. It's all I can do to keep up one blog, I can't imagine how she keeps up with three. Her space looks so uncluttered!

  8. Thanks Kathy :-) I do try to keep up with my Danish blog, but I keep neglecting it! And the Egyptology blog never really moved and shaked, which is definitely my own fault :-)

    And, the image is deceiving. I live rather cluttered, it must be the while walls giving the impression that my home is uncluttered :-)

  9. That's a very Nordic/Scandianvian look - my writing space in Sweden looked very similar: inherited desk with IKEA accents. :)

  10. Oh, here is someone I know!
    (Not in person, but Louise was the blogger who introduced me to the wonderful English speaking world of book blogging) - thank you, Louise, I will never forget that.

  11. I love the splashes of red too. It's so neat. My mind would constantly be looking for ways to clutter up the space :)

  12. Eva, actually, both the desk and the filing cabinet are from IKEA. LOL ;-D The red lamp is from some little shop and the chair is older than me I think and inherited from my in-laws. The book case is homemade, though not by me but an uncle many years ago. He didn't make it for me, but for his wife, who died around 1990, which was were I inherited it. I have a much larger book case as well, the one on the picture is just for a small part of my books.

    Dorte, as you know, You are always welcome. And yes, I have been following Cathy as long as you have, but I had a long (about 3 monhts) blogging pause in the spring this year when I finished my thesis, and that is probably why I haven't seen your scene of blog. I will check it out now, though.

    Stacey, one of my favorite colors are red. I have a red bike, red handbag, red gloves etc. But I rarely "wear" red as such, because its I look ghastly dressed in red ;D

  13. Of course - how can you live in the Nordic countries and not have stuff from IKEA!? :) I may have to check IKEA for that desk, though - it's very pretty.

    And, yes, I'll be back, as soon as I get rid of my vacation jetlag. :)

  14. I love the clean white look of Louise's blogging space. No clutter so thoughts can flow freely and undistracted. Love the red lamp.

    I can totally relate to the TV issue -- Mr. BFR has a much higher tolerance for such things than I do.

  15. I think that might be the most organized desk I've ever seen, Lou.

  16. Thanks Ewa, Beth and Heidenkind :-)

    I must say again, that looks can be deceiveful - I am not that organized. LOL. You would be shocked ;o)

  17. so very tidy and non-distracting. i have tidy envy.

  18. I love the red, too. And now I have the picture in my head of Louise riding her red bike, wearing her red gloves. :-)

  19. Caite, right now my place is not that tidy - as you can see, my desk is not overly big, and these days instead of coke cans and candles, I have a large scanner next to me, since I am in the middle of a little scanning-project.

    Softdrink, LOL, I love my red bike, but the gloves will not survive this fall, they are slowly, but steadily falling apart. Must get a new pair :-)

  20. Caite-- I've just added another phrase to my vocabulary: tidy envy. This series is really good for that!

  21. What another fantastic peep inside a bloggers humble abode! I really Like Lou's blog, though as usual I'm behind in reading it and many others.

    I also adore the red lamp and filing cabinet!


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