Friday, November 13, 2009

It Pays to Read the Fine Print...

My Absolute Favorite Bookstore, the Poisoned Pen, often sends out postcards alerting me of author signings and special events. Normally I toss them in the recycle bin because the timing just isn't right for me to ever attend one.

For some reason unknown to me (perhaps my little Book Genie was uncorked at the time), I happened to focus on the fine print at the bottom of the postcard front: Bring this card to The Poisoned Pen in Dec. for a one-time purchase; buy five books and get the least expensive of the five free.

And it doesn't exactly hurt knowing that I have a $20 Poisoned Pen gift certificate either!


  1. That would get me every time. Kind of like that free shipping when you spend $25.

  2. Good thing you read the fine print! Love little perks like that, so nice! Awesome that you have a GC too - get thee there now! lol What will you get for free do you think?!

  3. Have a great trip to The Poisoned Pen ;o) Right now there is a large book convention in Copenhagen where there are many good offers on books and many authors speaking, but I am afraid that I will not have the time this year to go. On the other hand, even though there are good offers, not going will certainly save me some money ;o)

  4. Kathy-- Yes! Whoever thought up that $25 and free shipping has a lot to be held accountable for! LOL

    Amy-- I don't know which book my freebie will be. I'll be taking a carefully prepared list, and I hav a feeling that there'll be a blog post about it! :)

    Louise-- It's too bad that we can't show up to these places and just smile and bat our eyelashes and come away with armloads of books!


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