Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scene of the Blog Featuring TJ of Book Love Affair!

I have the pleasure of welcoming TJ of Book Love Affair to Scene of the Blog today. TJ's blog has a nice clean layout that does an excellent job of making her posts and graphics stand out. Besides reviews and giveaways, she has a weekly series called Monday Coming Attractions which tends to be very interesting reading. (For example, this week she talks about her experience with a Sony e-reader, and she managed to nail my own thoughts on the subject.)

Another reason I like to stop by her blog is the chance to see Remy... but more of Remy later!

If you haven't met TJ or read her blog, after you read this edition of Scene of the Blog, I hope you make a point of stopping over at Book Love Affair to say hi. Chances are you'll have another addition to your blog reader of choice!

Let's take a look at TJ's creative spaces, shall we? Don't forget that you can click on all the photos to view them full size.

This image is of me in San Francisco (which I live near). I often go there for book signings, readings, etc.

This is called the 'command center'. I think it has some sort of video game connotation, as both my husband and I are avid gamers, but I have no idea which game. I like to keep my desk in a state of ordered chaos. Meaning, I know where everything is and no matter how messy it looks, it has some sort of system! The pile of books farthest to the right are all university related. Every other stack is apart of my to be read pile (the books with the spines facing the photo are my 'read these first' section). On the wall are all posters that have been gifted to me over time. To the left is a posted of Rorschach from the Watchmen movie (though I love both graphic novel and movie), center is a The Dark Knight movie poster, and to the right is my Doctor Who poster from season two. Looking closer, you'll see that I keep notes on post-its that I attach to my monitor. These often have to do with ideas for future blog posts or reminders of what books I need to review.

The computer itself is my beloved Dell XPS 420, which has been affectionately named 'The Beast' (and if anyone knows that reference, a cookie to you). It's by far the best computer I've ever invested in and I love it to pieces.

Also, I drink Coke products as if my life depending on it. I switch between Coca-Cola Zero and Sprite Zero, but they're fixtures as much as my computer!

And sometimes, when I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll go into the library/office and write out a blog post or review by hand. Sometimes it just feels nice to be with my books!

(Why do I get the insane idea that I could sneak into TJ's library, grab the books I want and then make my getaway on that bike?) She sits by a nice large window, which makes me wonder about her view. I love the artwork on the walls above her desk, and I certainly love those piles of books... and those stuffed bookcases! Sheer bliss! Like so many of the rest of us, TJ's love affair with books is clearly reflected in her home.

By the way, if you saw something furry in the bottom left hand corner of the second photo, you managed to catch a glimpse of Remy before the cuddly one dodged out of camera range!

Thank you so much, TJ, for allowing this glimpse into your creative spaces. We really appreciate it!

This week California, next week....??? Stop by next Wednesday to see which book blogger's creative space will be spotlighted on Scene of the Blog!


  1. Wohoo Rose and 10th! I just adore them to pieces.

    Lovely space and many books

  2. I love that huge stack of books close at hand. TJ's space looks nice and sleek but I'll bet lots of creativity flows here.

  3. @Blodeuedd: Season 2 is by far my favorite season--and although I love all the doctors, I have a special place in my heart for 9 and 10. And always Rose. :) Thank you!

    @Margot: I'll have to tell that to my husband the next time he eyes my desk. "It's for the creativity flow, honey." ;)

  4. Beautiful book shelf and lovely book collection! I am green with envy!!! :P

  5. TJ has a great work space! It looks organized to me!

  6. @Lily: I love you, too. ;)

    @Bermudaonion: Thank you! I think it's organized, but we seem to be the only ones!

  7. Oh, wonderful pictures - and that bike in the middle of it all! LOL

  8. @Dorte: My bike is a precious thing! It's my only mode of transportation, since I sold my car not long ago.

  9. great shots of her workspace and I love those bookcases. I'm with you, snagging books and making my getaway on that bike.

  10. Now that I know the bike is TJ's major mode of transportation, I don't think I'll be making my getaway on it!

  11. @Sheila: Thank you!

    @Serena: How dangerous we readers are! And so very daring with the getaway bike. ;)

    @Cathy: Haha, well, thank you for at least taking pity on me, Cathy. There's always running away with the loot left...

  12. What that means is that, if I have to run very fast to make good my escape, I'm going to have to put some of these books back! LOL

  13. @Cathy: It would certainly be good exercise running with those heavy books!


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