Monday, October 26, 2009

Mailbox Monday-- Almost Nothing to Write Home About!

I almost didn't have anything to post about today! Last week, I sent 4 books to new Paperback Swap foster homes, and I only received 1 in return. It's not going to take me long to give you the rundown!

First though, I'd like to thank Marcia of The Printed Page for hosting this weekly meme. When I first began blogging, I used to participate in a lot of memes. Now I only participate in two, so you know how much I enjoy Mailbox Monday!

Here's the scoop on the one lone book that I found in my mailbox last week:

A Corpse in the Koryo by James Church (PBS). "Inspector O, a North Korean state police officer, is given an unusual assignment: go to a certain part of a certain road at dawn and photograph a certain vehicle. Little does he suspect that this seemingly inconsequential task will escalate into a case that will lead him to risk his job, and his life. The (pseudonymous) author, a veteran intelligence officer, has intimate knowledge of Asian life and politics, and it shows: he gives the North Korea setting a feeling of palpable reality, depicting the nature of daily life under a totalitarian government not just with broad sociopolitical descriptions but also with specific everyday details. Inspector O is completely believable and sympathetic, a working cop who isn't entirely sure he believes in the things his government tells him to believe in."

That's all, folks! Stop by next Monday when the acquisitive side of my bookaholism hopes I have a much longer list of books about which to tell you!


  1. One book, very good :)
    I know how addicting bookswapping can be

  2. One book might be a good thing!

  3. Another negative week for you!! I've never read a mystery set in North Korea so this sounds good for the setting alone.

  4. One book is better than none. Happy reading.

  5. Some weeks are slower than others. I hope you enjoy your book.

  6. Just remember is the quality not the quantity of the books that matter and this one sounds great.

  7. It's a detective book so worth at least 3! Enjoy

    Here's my mailbox

  8. This is a new one to me...enjoy your new book!

  9. I always look at a 0-1 book week as a catch up week. Have a good one!

  10. Congrats on your one book Cathy - it sounds like an interesting one. :)

    I need to have a few slower weeks so I can try to catch up a little!

    ~ Wendi

  11. Blodeuedd-- It's very addicting. I was sitting here with a ton of credits and no books heading my way. I went through what had been posted into the system the day before, and now there are 5 books headed to Phoenix! LOL

    Beth-- Yes, it can be. I've got to do some work on my bookshelves, and I'm just not in the mood!

    Kathy-- I'd never read one set in North Korea either, which was one of its main attractions for me.

    Serena-- With my TBR security blanket constantly growing, I may have to start disagreeing with that! LOL

    Beth-- Thanks for stopping by!

    Ryan-- You betcha, and I always want the quality to be high!

    Snowbell-- I like the way you think!

    Jo-Jo-- Thanks!

    Mary-- Sometimes it feels as though, the more I catch up, the more behind I get! LOL

    Wendi-- The slower weeks may just lull you into a false sense of security (like they do me)!


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