Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Official!

When I discovered a few weeks ago how simple it was to register a custom domain through Google and Blogger, I don't know why I just didn't get it over with.

I've seen people who'd evidently keyed into their browser window only to have to resort to searching for me.

I might've made a person or two happy because now there is a! I may throw a small party tonight here at Casa Kittling....

Google has promised me faithfully that the transition will be a smooth one, but since there are only two people whose faithful promises I trust (and neither of them is named Google), we shall see. If you notice any glitches, please let me know!


  1. You have to first get the domain name through some service like Go Daddy, right? Where did you go for it? I've thought about this on and off myself.

  2. I just came here from your old address so, as of today, Google cooperated and kept it's word. Just to be safe I'm going to put your new address in my Reader.

  3. Mack-- I did it all through my dashboard on Blogger. Settings/ Publishing. You should come to a page that mentions switching to a custom domain. I clicked on that "custom domain" hyperlink and went from there. Google/ Blogger pretty much did it all for me. I typed in the domain I wanted, they made sure it was available, and I paid $10 for one year. Google does go through, by the way. Hope this helps.

    Kathy-- Thank you!

    Margot-- That's very good to know. I don't want you losing me! LOL

  4. I dunno if the change had anything to do with it, but your page loaded MUCH faster for me today.

  5. Wohoo congrats :D

    Did it cost anything?

  6. I agree about the page load.

    I've always had trouble with your page but this morning it was fab!

  7. Corey and Kit-- This is very strange since nothing has changed on my blog except for the custom domain name! I wonder if Blogger gives us priority or something??

    Blodeuedd-- It cost $10 for one year... something I found extremely affordable!

  8. I just did it too and haven't had any troubles so far. I'm going to try and write a post about it for people. The main thing is updating your old links within your posts I think ... and updating your widgets to point to the right place.

  9. I got here from your old addy too.

  10. Jenners--Excellent idea about the post!

    Luanne--So far Google is keeping its promise!


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