Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- J.C. of The Biblio Blogazine

This week we're traveling to Nevada to visit a while with J.C. of The Biblio Blogazine. I love the clean design of her blog, and that photo widget she has on her left sidebar is really cool. But J.C. is about a lot more than good looks and fun widgets. J.C. is passionate about books. First Book is her charity of choice for the Year of the Reader. She speaks out about Banned Books Week, book festivals, has author interviews... Have I gotten to the book reviews yet?

If you've never visited her blog, take time out today to do so. You'll certainly be glad you did!

One of the things I love the most about this feature is the comments. You folks have left some gems in the comments section! Jenners has called this weekly feature "satisfying our inner Peeping Toms", and last week Molly and/or Andy likened Scene of the Blog to "peeking in people's medicine cabinets". I have only one thing to say in reply:

Ain't it fun?!

Now to get on to the good stuff. (I'm never quite sure that the role of M.C. suits me. I'm usually the one in the back painting the scenery!) Let's take a look at where J.C. creates all those wonderful blog posts! Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.

It's funny you should make this request as when I began blogging, I didn't have a space. I claimed one end of our couch and did the best I could on a T.V. tray.

After nearly a year my family realized I was serious about my blogs and helped me get a real home office. Well, as much as we could afford considering the economy. I think we did pretty well considering.

The pictures I'm attaching are how it looked when it was first set up. I have added an all-in-one fax machine and, well, I try to keep it as neat, but truth be told, it looks much more "well-used" than in the pictures.

Not shown is the bookcase that came with it. I have separate pictures of that as it is placed behind the chair, against the wall. Needless to say, it is wonderful to have a place for my TBR stacks. I am amazed at how much it can handle. In fact, I never thought much of it until someone pointed out how the top and middle shelf have a barely perceptible sway to them. But that is a good problem as far as I'm concerned!

Most bloggers don't have the luxury of custom-made spaces worthy of an Architectural Digest photo shoot. Normally it's about finding an unused corner and dragging a few pieces of furniture into it. It's all about making those spaces work for us because they not only have to be functional, they also have to give us that creative space we need for blogging.

I think most of our spaces look a bit more "well-used" than the photos that are sent in! It looks as though you have a quiet corner in which to blog, and everything is right at hand. Compact desk with storage, good lighting, a comfortable chair. A nice blue furry friend to keep you company. By now everyone knows me, J.C., so just picture all these heads shaking back and forth and a few eyes rolling when I ask...what is that on the back of your chair?

Thanks so much for sharing your creative space with us. We really appreciate your allowing us inside!

Next week, Scene of the Blog will take a short break in honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, but never fear! We'll be taking a peek at another book blogger's creative space Wednesday, September 23.

See you then!


  1. I want to know what's on the back of the chair. I also want to know where that chair came from. It looks really comfortable!

    A super blogging spot! Thanks so much for sharing, J.C.

  2. That is so neat and tidy! I am looking at my own desk now in disgust, which presently has a combination of books, magazines and scrapbooking stuff randomly thrown at it.

  3. Lovely workspace, I like that it looks neat, tidy and modern :)

  4. this is such a fun post--i always love peeking at where the magic happens! i've done a few 'what's in your...' posts on my other blog--topics have included refrigerators and handbags. :) love JC's blog too!

  5. I like the whole monochromatic thing going on there. Calming.
    I am starting to thing that I need a desk...

  6. I'm glad to know her space usually looks more "well-used" than that - I thought maybe she was superhuman. I need a light like that for my desk!

  7. I think it's a great space and definitely a step up from a tray on the lap! I love peeking through the keyhole, it's so fun to see where people do all their blogging. Thanks for this feature Cathy I love it and thanks to J.C. for sharing :)

  8. Beth: It's a buckwheat husk neck pillow. I have a better picture of it on my post responding to Cathy's wonderful article. Oh, and I got that chair from Office Max.

    Vivienne: Not any more it isn't! LOL I clean it off once a month and reorganize it. Unfortunately, that lasts for about a week. If that.

    Blodeuedd: I wasn't much into the modern look, but it does help keep me focused due to its minimalist nature.

    Booklineandsinker: Thank you for the compliment about my blog. And may I say I am an avid follower of yours and love what you do too!

    Caite: Yes, calming is good. Too bad I've negated that feature a bit by so much clutter. /sigh

    Bermudaonion: Well-used is a very good description. I like it much better than "disaster area".

    Book Chick City: I cannot tell you how much nicer it is than the dinner tray I was using. So much more comfortable!

  9. J.C.'s blog sounds well worth many visits and I am heading over there momentarily. I quite like her blogging area. The desk is great especially as I see a lower shelf which would be perfect for my short legs to rest on. Hmmmm...I'm going to have to look around for a simialr desk I think! lol And that chair looks super comfy.

    This is a wonderful regular aspect of your blog. I especially like the medicine cabinet quip! lol

  10. Is that a blue beanie baby bear I see on that desk??

  11. Amy: Wow, thank you! That chair is amazingly comfy. I almost have to force myself to *not* sit in it after 8pm or I know I'll fall asleep in it!

    Serena. That is a "Foo Forever" bear that has the Yin-Yang symbol embroidered on its chest. It is a way of reminding me that all things are interconnected: good/bad, dark/light - and that there are no absolutes in life.

  12. J.C., I agree - what a comfy chair! A buckwheat neck pillow sounds nice, too - do you wear it when you're blogging?

    Cathy, I think you're a wonderful M.C.!

  13. I like your blogging space, J.C.!

  14. Heehee! That would be me - Molly - who thinks we're peeking in the medicine cabinets each week. I love it. Thanks for the great feature - which I will be voting for during BBAW ;0)

  15. Peeking into medicine cabinets ... I would never ..... (admit that I do that). : )

    I love that her family supported her blogging habit by getting her some office space! Nothing like understanding and support from those you love.

    And Cathy, I think being an MC suits you -- you always have such nice things to say!


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