Friday, September 18, 2009

BBAW-- TBR Shelves???

I could've sworn that there was something on the Book Blogger Appreciation Week website about taking photos of your TBR shelves and letting everyone take a look. I do remember seeing photos on other blogs, and I do remember something about "be creative", so I don't think my rememberer is totally on the fritz. (If anyone has a link back to that, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!)

Well, I could've been creative. I could've written an autobiography using book titles. I could've color coordinated them all. I could've done many things. But my final decision was based on two things:
  1. Although I meant to party all week in honor of BBAW, I'm still getting rid of the dregs of the nasty bug that caught and hog-tied me last week.
  2. I have too many books on my TBR shelves, and I did not feel like taking them off and then putting them all back on.
What I did decide to do was show you Then & Now. I took photos of my TBR shelves this past May. I just went out there and took photos of the same shelves. (They're probably going to get conceited.) May, June, July, August, part of September.... Do you think my TBR shelves have changed any? Do you think there are fewer books? More books?

Let's take a look! (If you want to see any of the photos full size, just click on them.)'s TBR Shelves Part A. On the left is how they looked in May. Heavens...look at that fine wood veneer on top of the bookcases! There may even be an empty space here and there on the shelves. Now... take a look at the photo on the right. That's how those same shelves look today. Oops. Cathy fell off the wagon and go boom. Very little free space on top... now there's two Leaning Towers of Phoenix. That one stray book all by its lonesome on top is the last ARC I have left to read.

But wait! There's more! (One of these days I'm going to sue the advertising agencies for cluttering up my mind with all those TV commercials....)

On the left, the TBR Shelves Part B as they looked in May. On the right... how they look today. The only reason why they don't look as bad as the other shelves is because I didn't want to put anyone's life in danger by stacking books up on the top. I know from personal experience that concussions are to be avoided.

Hopeless, aren't I?


  1. A person after my own heart. Your shelves are full.

  2. Thanks for sharing your TBR shelves. I don't feel so bad about my own list now.... ; )

  3. That's not so bad?? You have the same problem as the rest of us :) support group forming soon:)

  4. The first bookshelf looks like it has less books but the second one looks like it has less, so I call it a draw.

  5. Mine are growing faster than I can read them, too. I love that tissue box that looks like books- where did you get it?

  6. Here's the link to the Show Us the TBR Pile on the BBAW site.

    If this doesn't work, simply go to the BBAW site, then Giveaways, then it is page 2. I think.

  7. Okay I am starting to feel better about my piles of books now.

    Did anyone else notice the bookish related items on top of the bookcases? The lamps and the kleenex box holder. Love it.

  8. I love your lamps!!! I would love to find a set like that.

  9. I love the low long shelves - they look really neat even when they are stacked full like yours!

  10. I love your before and after shots. I personally think they look wonderful. Will there at some point be a before-after-and-after shot? Maybe next May?

  11. The really good news is that we can all be hopeless together!

    I gave away 11 books this week but bought 5 and entered to win more. So much for clearing out the house.

  12. Those are the shelves of a true book lover!

  13. One ARC left?!? I'm very impressed! I remember when you joined PBS hoping to clear out shelf space. It didn't work quite the way you expected (a side benefit of all the blog reading, right ... we're never at a loss for book recommendations!), but you've had a lot of shuffling.

    Seeing the backs and tops of bookscases is over-rated, anyway. Long live the book stacks!

  14. Joe-- Empty shelves are so sad, aren't they?

    Margot-- Never feel bad...never apologize! :)

    Serena-- Well, they used to be anyway! LOL

    Diane-- I think I belong to one of the world's largest support groups: Book Bloggers! :)

    Kathy-- I'll take it! :)

    Jeane-- I've slept multiple times since I bought that tissue box. I *think* I bought it at Home Decorators Outlet. I've purchased several things for my home from this site.

    Melissa-- Thank you so much! I went over there to add my post to the line-up. I think I was on a Dayquil/Nyquil high or something!

    Cindy-- I stopped myself from buying one of those end tables that looks like a huge stack of books. :o) I'm glad you like them!

    Sheila-- I love looking at piles of books. I always have!

    Shannon-- I got the lamps at Home Decorators Outlet. They're great!

    Just Mom-- I got those to cover up the back of the daybed, and they come in handy because I put lamps on them. I can curl up on the daybed with a fire going in the fireplace and see to read lots of good books!

    Margot-- Perhaps I should turn this into a quarterly event?

    Beth-- However, we have no wish to be cured!

    Caite-- I love 'em!

    Dorte-- It certainly is!

    Amy-- I have 27 bookcases here in the house. I've had people come in for the first time and make fun of all my books. For some strange reason, I don't think any of them ever came back to the house a second time....

    Dawn-- I really put a curb on myself when it comes to ARCs. Unfortunately, the ones I do choose all seem to be published at the same time so I have to crank it in high gear to get them all read and reviewed on time!

    I actually have cleared out a lot of space on the shelves in my library. I should probably post about them. I think I have the photos to do a Before & After. :)

  15. Hee! Reminds me more than a bit of my own shelves...


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