Monday, August 10, 2009

Show Us Your Magnets!

Little did I know what I was starting last week when I commented on Florinda's refrigerator magnets in her Scene of the Blog photo. Soon it seemed as though everyone was commenting on her fridge magnets!

So...Florinda has challenged us to show off our own collections. Since me and my big mouth started the whole thing, I can hardly bow out, can I?

The lighting's not the best in my kitchen for taking photos. If I turn on the overhead lights, it's blindingly bright, and you'd be calling out for guide dogs. If I don't turn on the overhead lights and depend on the flash on my camera, there's all sorts of glare. But I took several shots and hoped for the best.

These two are the...cough, (Yes, you can click on them to view them full size.)

My refrigerator used to be covered with magnets because I inherited my grandmother's collection and didn't have the heart to put any of them away. Now I bring them out in cycles. The refrigerator sits at an angle in my kitchen. The freezer door holds the informative ones (except for that green and yellow one that says "If You Want to Be Someone, Be Yourself"), and the side holds the decorative ones. Since I'm married to an Englishman, the regulation electric kettle sits to the right on a small table, and if you're wondering what's going on at the top of the fridge, I'll tell you. I have a huge lucite turn table (lazy Susan) up there where I put essentials that I don't use all the time, like my slow cooker, electric can opener and the like. They're where I can get to them easily, but they're not taking up prime countertop real estate. Of course, this only works if you're tall!

This second photo is the best of a bad lot. I have a little Department of Tourism going on, advertising favorite spots in Arizona as well as Washington State, Virginia, and Scotland. It wouldn't be my refrigerator if it didn't have a few critter magnets and sun symbols, and there's even a replica of a famous tombstone:

Here lies Lester Moore
Four slugs
From a 44
No Les
No More

This concludes the tour of my fridge magnets. I hope Florinda and I aren't the only ones participating because...well...I'm nosy!

Florinda's set up Mr. Linky, so by all means, post your photos and leave your link there so we can all take a look!


  1. Great to see Cathy. I don't have any fridge magnets. I used to have a bunch but when I bought my new fridge I decided I liked the clean whiteness of the thing. I kept the magnets for a while to see if I would want to put them back but after a year I got rid of them.

  2. sounds great. I have some photos of mine too. I hope to post them this week.

  3. This is a GREAT idea! I'm going to try to get some pictures up later today :)

  4. Fun post! I like your hummingbird magnet. Looks bigger than an actual hummingbird.

  5. I'm so glad you played! I have a Mr. Linky up in my "Show Us Your Magnets" post, so if you get a chance, please add yours over there. (Love your logo, BTW!)

    Your magnet layout is much neater than mine. I like the tombstone one the best, I think.

  6. no magnets...they do not work on stainless steel.

  7. You've got a great collection! Our magnets got scattered all over the place when we got our new fridge - stainless steel, and the magnets only work on the sides, but our fridge is pushed into its own little cubby so we can't access the sides!

  8. Yours look like you have an Indian theme!

  9. Bernadette--I have to admit that I like the look of the fridge without them. I wouldn't be able to get rid of at least two on the front though, because Denis refers to them when concocting his hummingbird nectar.

    Serena--The more the merrier!


    Kaye--It IS bigger than an actual hummingbird. This was one of my grandmother's.

    Florinda--I added myself to Mr. Linky and checked out everyone else's. I'm glad you did this!

    Caite--I like the look of stainless steel, so I think it would be an acceptable trade for me.

    Belle--Like I told Bernadette, I think I'm ready to put all mine away. I look at other peoples' but I don't really look at my own. Nevah! ;)

    Jeanne--A bit of one, yes!

  10. Love this! We started collecting magnets for all the vacations and places we visit -- it is a great reminder of happy times and makes the fridge look so happy and colorful! It is getting pretty full though!


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