Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Florinda of The 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness

Another week has flown by at the speed of light, and it's time to shine the spotlight on Florinda of The 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness. How this busy Southern Californian finds time to blog is beyond me, but I'm glad she does.

She's a wife, a mom, a stepmom, and has a dog, too. (Although something tells me that the dog would tell me I worded that wrong.) Like me, she works with numbers but loves words. Florinda is a member of BlogHer, L.A. Moms Blog, and blogs about books. Whew!

I think one of my favorite parts of her blog is her TBIF (Thank Book/Blog It's Friday) posts where she does a wrap-up of her week. If I'm busy and can't keep up with my Google Reader, I always make sure to read those posts.

Without further ado, it's time to kill the intro and go to Florinda's to see her blogging space. Remember that you can click on the photo to view it full size.

Thank you for inviting me to share my work space with your readers, Cathy!

They say that the heart of a home is the kitchen, and in my case, it's also the base of the blog. I work on a laptop, so, theoretically, I could do my blogging anywhere, but I like to keep it plugged in and powered up. I also find it more comfortable to work on a hard, elevated surface as opposed to my lap. For those reasons, my MacBook lives on the kitchen island.

My favorite thing about the space, aside from having the computer there, is the counter stool where I sit. It has a a high back that wraps around two sides of the seat, so it tucks around the corner of the counter, and it's very comfortable. I also like the fact that when I'm there, I'm situated in the middle of the kitchen/family room space, so I can hang out with my family while I'm working.

The only tricky part of working at the kitchen island is making sure that the MacBook doesn't get splashed when someone is at the sink.

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw your blogging space, Florinda--"Man, I couldn't have mine there. Someone would splash it and my lovely little netbook would get fried!"

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that a busy working mom would blog at the kitchen island right in the thick of things. I think I would like it for another reason: I wouldn't have to trek all the way down to the other end of the house when I need a water or tea refill!

And another thing that catches my eye? The collection of fridge magnets. I collect them myself and then inherited my grandmother's huge collection. When I see fridge magnets in someone's home, I have to take a look-- just like I do their books!

Thanks so much for letting us take a peek at your creative space, Florinda. We really appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next week when Kittling: Books will be featuring the creative space of another book blogger!


  1. Wow I did not notice all those magnets, but how cool.
    Nice space, in the centre of it all

  2. I'm too easily distracted to blog in the center of everything, but I can definitely appreciate why a mom would need to do so.

    I love fridge magnets too, actually, and I'm already starting a little collection!

  3. LOL! I noticed the fridge magnets right away because I also collect them.

    I don't think I'd be distracted to be in the middle of things, but I'd be nervous about spills and splashes if I worked it the kitchen.

  4. Me too - it's the refrigerator magnets that have the instant appeal here! My refrigerator doesn't hold magnets, which just kills me. Why would any company make a refrigerator that won't hold magnets?!!!

  5. I wouldn't get much done in the middle of all that activity. Our laptop spends a lot of time on our kitchen island, too, but ours doesn't have a sink in it, so water isn't much of a problem. Thanks for sharing, Florinda!

  6. I like to read Florinda's blog. She has a definite voice and i appreciate it. I like that she keeps her blog space right in the middle of all the activity. Where else would an effective Mommy Blogger be?

  7. I'm with you, Florinda - before my laptop died, I kept it in the kitchen, too. (And that's where the new one will probably stay, too.) Desktop is in the living/family room. I made sure to have wireless set up on Liam's computer in the playroom, too - for me, not him. ;)

    Any way you look at it, I've gotta be where the kiddo is!

    Love peeking into these "scenes" - thanks!

  8. Yay, MacBook! :) I noticed the fridge magnets, too, but I don't have a collection. My few are all boxed up now, still, from our move a few weeks ago.

  9. I really like Florinda's space. Gorgeous. I love magnet collections as well!

  10. Cathy - Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of Scene of the Blog! But if I'd known the magnets would get so much attention, I'd have neatened them up before I took the picture :-). I collect two things from places I visit - magnets and Christmas-tree ornaments. At least I can look at the magnets year-round!

    And as for splashing the laptop, the "someone" who is most likely to do it is usually me :-). My 9-year-old is especially careful around it. Sounds backwards, doesn't it?

    Blodeuedd - It's all about location :-).

    Meghan - I have a pretty good ability to tune things out when I'm really caught up in something. It really helps!

    Beth F - I try to stay in the corner of the counter furthest from the sink :-).

    It's fun to see how many other people are magnet collectors, too!

    RhapsodyInBooks - I've seen a few of those refrigerators. Some of them look really nice, but I'd hate to give up the bulletin-board function of the doors :-)!

    Kathy (Bermudaonion) - Granted, I get more done when people are in the other room. The dog usually stays pretty quiet, though :-).

    Margot - Thanks :-). One reason for getting a laptop was that my old desktop used to be in the bedroom, so I missed a lot of the action. Despite the distraction potential, I'd rather be in the middle of things.

    Ri - The desktop is in the living/family room at our house too; my husband uses it most of the time. Stepdaughter and I have laptops, and Stepson is really looking forward to having one of those for himself too! (But probably not for a few years - he's only in the fourth grade.)

    Wordlily - I use a PC at work, but my husband is a graphic designer and Mac junkie. The MacBook helps preserve family harmony :-) - and I really do like using it, besides.

    Serena - Thanks!

    Maybe that should be the next blog meme that goes around:"Show Us Your Refrigerator Magnets!" What do y'all think?

  11. I could never keep my Mac in the kitchen! For one, it WOULD get wet and secondly, it would get knocked over by my daughter climbing on the counter to get to the GOOD fruit snacks.

  12. I do think Florinda's blogging space gives us some insight into the tone of her writing! And yes, I'd like to see everyone's refrigerator magnets.

  13. I agree that it is nice to be together with one´s family which is why I spend most of my blogging time in the living room :D

    Thanks for sharing the great picture, Florinda! I like your chair.

  14. I love my mac laptop too.
    Nice was the first thing I noticed in the photo. LOL
    Thanks for sharing your space.

  15. thanks for hosting this, Cathy, and for showing us where you blog, Florinda.

    I'm a kitchen blogger, too, but have a desk off to the side ... this means my back is to the family much of the time, maybe I should move to the island!

  16. These are just so great! I love these posts!

  17. Ti - Fortunately, the counter I use isn't near any of the cabinets, so no one's going to climb on it (unless they need to change a light bulb). I do take the MacBook over to the couch sometimes, though :-).

    Jeanne - I hope that it's a good insight :-). And I'm thinking that I'll do the magnet thing next week.

    Dorte - Thanks! I'm very fond of that chair too.

    Wisteria - You're welcome. I'm glad Cathy asked me!

    Dawn - I sit sort of sideways, so I'm not completely turned away from everyone when they're watching TV - the family room is on the other side of the island from the kitchen.

    Sheila - It was fun to be part of this!

  18. I'm so jealous that you have a laptop and can make your office anywhere. In this heat, I'd love to blog outdoors!

  19. Sheri (Menagerie) - The MacBook was a Christmas gift in 2007, and I love it. I don't know about blogging outside, though - only if it was in a nice shady spot. The heat makes me want to stay inside with the A/C on :-)!

  20. Rhapsody--Good heavens...a company that makes no-magnet frdige doors? That's against the laws of nature!!

    Florinda--Thanks so much for participating! I collect three things from places I visit: fridge magnets, ornaments and bookmarks. Show Us Your Magnets sounds fun! :)

  21. Cathy - My mother-in-law's fridge is a built-in, and the outer door is paneled to match the kitchen. No place for magnets. The horror!

    If I can get the pictures ready, Show Us Your Magnets is happening on my blog next week - I'm shooting for Monday!

    Thanks again for letting me be part of Scene of the Blog :-).

  22. Oh, I wish I had a kitchen island. What a wonderful place to blog. But I'm sure my daughter would find a way to drown my computer. ;)

    Diary of an Eccentric

  23. Anna - This is the first time I've had a setup like that, and I like it a lot. If the sink were located somewhere else, it would be ideal, but despite that, it works out quite well anyway.

  24. I really like this feature, Cathy. I always like to see where other bloggers blog at. I sit on my bed usually, which is less than ideal. I can't wait until I get into a more permanent housing situation so I can have a special place to blog from.


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