Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Time for...Friday Feud!

Another week has flown past at the speed of light, and it's time for another edition of Friday Feud here at Kittling: Books.

The rules are few and simple:

--Try your absolute best not to duplicate answers, but if you're compelled to, put your own spin on it.
--All answers go in the comments section of this post, please.

That's it. Relatively painless, eh?

Now that all those rules are out of the way, it's time to play The Feud!

This week's question:

Name an award that you would love to win.


  1. The National Book Award. (Guess I'd really better buckle down on that writing.)

  2. I'd love to win the BBAW Best Literary Blog Award or The Most Eclectic Taste. Or any of them actually! :-) It's going to be a fun week!


  3. Does the big check you get as a lottery winner count as an award?

  4. Technically, this isn't a repeat because it's different categories - BBAW Award for Best Writing or Most Chatty. But seriously, I'll be excited just to make it to the shortlist!

  5. I'll play. :) I'd like to win the Discover Award for new writers.

  6. Mother of the Year. (Wait, I got the video from CNNBC last mother's day!)


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