Friday, July 17, 2009

Yikes! It's Monsoon Season and It's Raining Awards!

It's monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert. So far we're getting wind and dust instead of rain, but here at Kittling: Books, it's raining awards!

Tina of Tutu's Two Cents has awarded me the True Fairy Tale Award because
"the magic of her posts always gives me a positive feeling." What a wonderful thing to say, Tina. Thank you so much!

If any of you haven't checked out Tina's blog, I suggest that you click on the link above. It's excellent!

Suzanne of Chick with Books has given me the Let's Be Friends Award.

Thank you so much, Suzanne! If you're not familiar with Suzanne's blog, by all means click on that link!

And Missy of Missy's Book Nook has given me the Heartfelt Award. Thank you, Missy! Everyone...please make sure you visit her blog!

Speaking of heartfelt thanks to all three of these bloggers as well as all the others who have given me awards.


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