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Scene of the Blog-- Kelly of The Novel Bookworm

If you're looking for a blog with humor, an eclectic mix of books, giveaways, and features on beloved (and under-appreciated) books, you definitely need to stop by and see Kelly at The Novel Bookworm!

I have to admit that I love her header photo. Yes, on the surface it may appear to be the usual shelf of books, but several of those books look well-loved. This isn't a picture postcard book shelf; these books have been read. They're friends. I look at that photo and stories immediately start popping into my head, so that's why I like it. Don't bother telling me that I'm strange. That's old news, folks!

Let's pop on over to Kelly's house in California and see where she does all that creative blogging! I think Kelly might have some birthday cake ready for us because this is a special Scene of the Blog. You'll see why!

(Don't can click on the photos to view them full size.)

I used to have this whole little setup in the closet of my "guest room", which was really turning into my library. I'd removed the closet doors and put oak shelves above the desk. I now have a house guest, and I've had to move my poor little desk, etc. into the living room and put my printer on an end table. Since I had to move out of my little room, my books are now stacked all over the place; some under a table in the upstairs hall, some spread out among 3 bedrooms, in the family room and living room. (Okay...with a few migrating to the kitchen and laundry room!) I'm looking forward to getting my space back, but in the mean time, I'm coping very well!

The reason I love my wee little desk may not be apparent in the pictures. I found it sitting on an elderly lady's front porch. It had been holding pots of plants and getting rained on for years. She put it up for sale for $25. She had purchased it from an old library that was being torn down 40 years before. When I pulled out the writing table, you might notice in the back a round hole and a little cutout groove. The groove was for pens and the round hole which looks like a cup holder is actually an inkwell. The little gold plaque read July 27, '09, The Burkhardt Furniture Co., Dayton, O. The table isn't probably worth anything to anyone but me. It was in pretty rough shape cosmetically, and I did have to sand it and refinish it. I didn't have to do anything else though, and it remains as sturdy as when it was built.

I love the idea of writing on a library table that is just a hair shy of 100 years old. But then, I love older useable stuff: I also sew quilts, and all the machines I use were built between 1948-1956. (I think it's a family thing; my hubby also restores vintage motorcycles and has an old Autocycle from 1946 built by the Norman company in England. It's the kind of old bike you pedaled like a bicycle to start the engine.)

When Kelly told me that her desk was going to be 100 years old at the end of July, I just had to schedule her feature so that we could all celebrate its birthday. I think it is soooooo cool that she cleaned that desk up, refinished it, and brought it in off a porch so it could be used as it was originally intended, don't you? It's lovely! Happy Birthday, Kelly's desk!

Although Kelly might not have the ideal blogging situation at the moment, you wouldn't notice it from the quality of her posts. She's making the best of a slightly uncomfortable situation. I do have to admit that I was sitting here staring at that wallpaper border. I keep wanting to walk over that little bridge and go sit in the gazebo! (Why are you looking at me like that? And why are you leading me into this little room with the upholstery all over the walls??)

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us, Kelly...and for sharing the story about your very special desk. We really appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next week when another book blogger's creative space will be featured here on Kittling: Books!


  1. I used to live near Dayton. Happy 100th birthday to your desk!

  2. Oh I love the desk! What a find! I blog from a vintage lawyer's desk. It's huge and heavy, and difficult to move, but I love it.

  3. I agree, what a lovely desk. I would sure love that one.
    Great blogging space

  4. That desk is so cute and its nice to see that you bought it and did all you did to the desk.

    What a great space. Thanks for sharing it with us and Happy Birthday Desk :)

    Cathy I loved your comments in the post. You are too funny. By the way I am your neighbor in the next room LOL

  5. I love Kelly's blog, so I'm happy to see her space. Her table is awesome - I can see why she treasures it.

  6. Great desk - and how neat and clean everything is! Very impressive! :--)

  7. Wonderful desk!
    I also love old furniture and for our silver wedding my husband gave me a lovely old bureau. The funny thing is that it has belonged to the great-grandmother of one of our best friends, and before she died she told us she was so happy to hear that it had found a good, new home among people who really appreciated it.

  8. How very cool! I was born and raised in Ohio, so I'm happy to see the desk. And you have a pretty good set up despite your displacement.

    Thanks so much for sharing the story of your desk. Happy Birthday!

  9. Thanks for a peak into your writer's space, Kelly. At first I thought you had a loooong fishtank behind your table (congrats to the table, by the way) :-)

    I have a drawer like yours, exactly like yours, next to my table :o) Mine is red, though. I got mine from IKEA outside Copenhagen :o)

  10. What a great find! I love old furniture, especially when there is a history behind it, and actually knowing how old it is. It is beautiful.

  11. What a great desk - one to treasure for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing your space!

  12. Great tp see your space Kelly. The wood is so beautiful. I'm glad you've made the best of your situation.

  13. What a beautiful desk! Kelly, you've done an amazing refinishing job on it - I can't believe it actually sat outside as a plant holder and getting rained on. It must be so lovely to sit and work at a library desk that's now 100 years old.

  14. Lenore--I've never been to Dayton, heck I've never really been east of the Rockies, but I'd love to visit back east someday!

    Jenn--I'd love to see a picture of the lawyers desk! Those are so cool!

    Blodeuedd--I checked out your space here on Cathy's blog a few weeks ago and I'd love to have your view!

    Cindy--Thanks! My desk says Thanks too...yeah...I'm not weird or anything...

    Kathy--(bermudaonion) Thanks! Its a dinky little thing, but I just love it!

    Rhapsody--trust me...cleaned up for the picture! As I sit here today, I have a stack of books on top of the printer, a pile of papers on the shelf below and various cords coming from the back of the computer to charge the kids iPod, my Zen, hubby's Walkman, camera and mouse.

    Dorte--I love old pieces like that, I have an old Victrola and a Coke machine from the 40's with fun stories too. I think the older the furniture, the better the stories!

    Beth F.--Thanks so much! I wish I knew how the desk got to Cal. Sort of like a 100+ year old piano I had. It was built in 1903 and I couldn't imagine the logistics of getting that 700 pound behemoth on a truck and shipped out west. It was from Chicago I think.

    Louise--Mine's from Ikea too! Burbank, California though...not any place as authentic as your store! My grandfather was from Denmark, and I just recently met a bunch of relatives from there. I'd love to visit someday!

    Missy--I'm a sucker for the old stuff. When we moved from Montana to California, my husband and I agreed we couldn't leave our Victrola or Coke machine behind, even though they weighed a ton!

    Cathy--Thanks! I really do enjoy using this old table, and I figure it's small enough that I can always find room for it!

    Margot--Thanks so much! I'd like to take credit for the wood, but really this old stuff is so solid, all it takes is sandpaper to bring it back!

    Belle--I do love it, although ergonomically, its probably pretty bad! That's why I have a wireless keyboard, so I can move it around if I need to! I was surprised it sanded down so nicely, of course it helps that we really don't have that much rain here...but the sun can be a killer! Thanks much!

  15. Cathy--Thanks so much for featuring my space this week! I love this feature of yours and I'm very happy to have the chance to participate! (I'm tired of the wallpaper. In fact I think I'm tired of wallpaper in general, as soon as it cools off..its gotta go. I'm just having the darndest time deciding what color to paint after I strip it all off!)

  16. What a beautiful treasure and story about Kelly's desk. It's amazing that it is 100 years old.
    It would be so neat to know the back history on the desk and how it got to California.

  17. I love the story of the desk! Happy Birthday Desk! : )

  18. that is one of the best $25 she ever spent I bet! Wonderful scene of the blog. I sent my info in...I hope you got it.

  19. Kelly--Most of the time, I'm no friend to wallpaper. I've had to blast it off too many walls!

    Serena--Yes, I did. Just up to my eyeballs in stuff and not as fast as I should be in responding to email!

  20. Cindy--There's another room? Maybe we should try tapping out some Morse code???

  21. That table is an awesome find! Though it's not her beloved blogging space, I think it looks cozy.

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