Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Book girl of Mur-y-Castell

Since it's flirting with 115 degrees F. (46 degrees C.) here in Phoenix, I thought I would take us all to Finland in hopes that it's a bit cooler there. "Blodeuedd" of Book girl of Mur-y-Castell is one of the most consistent commenters on Kittling: Books, and I'd certainly like to thank her for that. I find it difficult enough to reply to the comments left on my own blog, so I really admire those people who are organized enough to sail the blogosphere and leave good comments in their wake.

Another thing that I have to thank "Blodeuedd" for is piquing my curiosity. Blodeuedd? Mur-y-Castell? I had to find out what that was all about. I did, and if anyone else is interested in a bit of legend, they can find out, too!

If you haven't visited Blodeuedd's blog, please do so. She's kept so busy with challenges, contests and her reading preferences of chick lit, historicals, sci fi, fantasy and romance that I'm still wondering how on earth she finds the time to leave all those comments. (Hey, that's definitely not a complaint!)

Enough blathering of comments and legends. Let's take a look at where Blodeuedd creates her blog! Don't forget, you can click on each photo to view it full size.

This is where it all happens! I don't have much on my desk; I tend to want it to be clutter free. All that is needed is pens, paper and a reminder of what library books I have at home. An exception is when I am working on something and then there are papers everywhere! The mess under the desk is another matter. On the side of the wall I have an old poster of Gladiator since it is always nice to have something to look at....

This is what I see when I look to my left. I know it might be hard to see in the photograph, but I actually live in a city. I just happen to live on this peninsula and have a nice view of the bay between the trees. And I love the fact that it looks like the countryside because I am not a city girl!

With the weather I'm experiencing here in the desert, I have to admit that it's nice to look out Blodeuedd's window and see snow! With the faint glimmer of light through the trees and being told that it's a view across the water, I wonder if I could tempt Blodeuedd to post a photograph of her view now that it's summer? (Pretty please??)

I like her uncluttered workspace (I wish mine would stay uncluttered!), and Blodeuedd's comment about the mess under the desk being "another matter" made me laugh. I have a whole lot of "other matters" under my desk, and I would imagine that a lot of the rest of us do, too.

A view across the bay to the left, Russell Crowe on the can she concentrate enough to write blog posts????

Thank you so much, Blodeuedd, for sharing your creative space with us, We really appreciate it!

Stop by next week when Scene of the Blog will be spotlighting another book blogger's creative space.


  1. What an inspiring place to sit and create. I, too, like to read Blodeuedd's comments and now to see her place is great. One more thing - how do you pronounce Blodeuedd?

  2. She is so neat and organized! Who wouldn't be inspired by a Gladiator poster!

  3. Lovely post honoring a special person and blogger.

    I admire "B" too for her versatile taste in reading material and am in awe of her prolific, well thought out posts. She always makes time to stop by my blog as well which I love.

    Thank you for sharing pictures with us B - your workspace is an inspiration! And "Gladiator" - yum. ;)


  4. I wish my blogging area was that organized!! And I love the view because I'm not much of a city person either. Gladiator and Russell Crowe on the other side. Nice space.

  5. Thanks for having me :D
    I must see what I can do about a photo. Just took one with my camera, but you can hardly see anything except trees, grass and a huge bush. Must borrow my bfs camera.

    I see you went to investigate Blodeuedd, very nice.

    Blodeuedd: blod-e-weth
    If I remember correctly.
    And thank you so much, I do like my little corner

  6. Bermudaonion,
    I am a neat freak so I do like to have it clutterfree (not thinking on what's under the desk, lol)
    Oh and Russel Crowe on the wall there, yummy.

    Hi Lea,
    Happy to see you here. Thank you so much for those words. I do tend to love all sorts of genres.
    My poor old Gladiator poster, it has been on my wall for 9 years now. I am not taking it down in the first place ;)

    My view is great. I am lucky to live in the city, but in a place where it doesn't look like it. I doubt any houses will block my view, and across the water, well a cemetery so nothing there either.

  7. Wow that is one good place to sit and create a blog. If I look at my corner/desk and view out the window it is so different. Love the view from yours Blodeuedd!
    Bermudaonion: You mentioned Rusell Crowe and I thought: where where!!!

    Found him with Gladiator if I'm correct, loved that movie.

    Thanks for the sneak peek Blodeuedd

  8. Hello Cathy!
    You are very lucky to have a friend like Blodeuedd!! She is a truly wonderful friend to us all! I love checking out her "loot" every time she posts something up! She has such a range with her that I would some times not dare to venture to. But after reading her thoughts, I find myself writing down the books she is offering and off to the book store!!
    You are right, she does find time to always make it to our places and leaves a comment or two. And that is so special to me, that she makes time to stop by our places to see what's going on with us!!

    Loving that Gladiator is your other "window"!!! He is yum!!!
    Hope everyone has a great day!!!

  9. So neat and tidy! Looks like a very calm peaceful place.
    115 deg. wow too hot for me. My daughter lives in Mesa and we visited her a couple of years ago. It was just to much for us!
    Have a great week!
    Natalie :0)

  10. I just wanted to let you know I enjoy this feature that you do. Although it makes me feel vastly inferior - my blogging space is a chair in the familiy room in front of the TV!

  11. Hi Leontine,
    Aye I have a great view, and I love it. I do think I need it, well if not that view at least one tree in the future.
    Yes he is over there, and now I feel like watching Gladiator again. What a movie.

    Hi Cecile,
    Awww, thank you for those kind words. It made me smile *hugs*
    And oh yes my second "window" is the best. Some eye candy is never wrong.
    I am glad that I will perhaps make you venture into the unknown.

  12. Hi Natalie,
    I guess it's very peaceful, but I could sure use a real comfy chair too one day. But then i would just sit there all day.

    The bumbles,
    You know if I had a laptop then I am sure I would blog at the same place as you ;)

  13. Wow, thanks for the link to the legend...that was riveting and I like learning the stories behind the blog names.

    Wow, what a gorgeous view...on both sides of that desk..and its so neat! I wish I were that neat.

  14. Great view into your workspace where it all happens. And oh my, wasn't Russell Crowe just yummy as a hunky and sad gladiator? I thought he was, but since he has gone totally downhill ;o) I visited Finland once many years ago, but it was during summer, not winter...get enough of that boring old winter darkness myself here in DK ;o)

    Cathy, I was in Dubai last week, where the temps also hovered between 40 and 46 C + an insane humidity. Glad to be home in 23 C Copenhagen ;o)

  15. Hi Serena,
    yes good of her to post that legend, cos people do always ask where from I get the name. Not to mention the name of my blog.

    I love Finnish summers, they can be warm and so green. But winters oh I love those too, as long as they are not too cold. But yeah, we are even higher up so constant darkness, not fun at all.
    loved crowe in this film, later he, not so much.

    And here is a summer picture, taken with my phone. Yup not that good, but then again you can only see a lot of green things now in the summer


  16. Terrific post. Love finding new blogs! Thanks!!

  17. Terrific post. Love finding new blogs! Thanks!!

  18. Hi Blodeuedd!

    Nice pictures, I love the 'countryside' view from your window.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of Finland. And Cathy, thanks for sharing an awesome blogger!

    Dottie :)

  19. Oh how I want my desk to be clutter-free like yours! And the view is just so calming and just inviting you to read some more.

  20. Cecile--I'm so glad you could stop by and see B's blogging spot!

    Natalie--I'm a true desert rat. Just give me a bit of shade and a watering hole, and I'm good to go!

    The Bumbles--There is absolutely no reason for you to feel inferior! Future spotlights will show bloggers who create posts in bed, on the counter in the kitchen...all sorts of places!

    Margot and Serena--I knew I wouldn't be the only person who would wonder about B's name and the name of her blog. :)

    Louise--I'm quite content to be here in Phoenix, where the humidity is quite low!

    Joemmama--It's always fun finding new bloggers, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

    Dottie--I'm so glad that B said she would participate. Thanks for stopping by!

    Blodeuedd--Thanks for posting the link to your summertime view!

  21. Hi Joemmama,
    Yes cathy sure has a fun thing going on.

    Hi Dottie,
    I am glad you stopped by. Lovely view isn't it. I am lucky, now if only my neighbours were better.

    Lol, I love my clutterfree space, it's me. But for some reason people tend to think I am not like that at all. strange.

    No probs Cathy :D

  22. What an organized desk! I love the view from the window.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  23. Hi Anna,
    I do like it that way. And sure love my view. So peaceful

  24. I would have never guessed this was in the city! Neat!!

    And Russell in Gladiator mode would distract me ... I'd have to have him in a less attractive role!

    Great post!

  25. Love the window view! Some day, I'd like to visit Finland. (Hi, Blodeuedd!)

  26. Jenners,
    I know, then again we do have a lot of trees and green areas in the city. Small one you see.
    Hehe he sure distracts.

    Hi Jenclair,
    You should visit, I do thinks it's lovely here,

  27. I loved getting a chance to see where you do your blogging Blodeuedd! You have a great view!


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