Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Anastasia of Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog

This week, it's time to take a look at where Anastasia of Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog creates her posts. Anastasia is an English major in her fourth year of college, and although she grew up in Maryland, she's now living in New Mexico. (Quite a change of scene there!)

Anastasia's blog focuses on fiction, especially Young Adult, fantasy, adventure and sci-fi, and she's been known to make the occasional foray into non-fiction. If you haven't visited, please take some time to do so. You'll be glad you did!

Anastasia and I have a few things in common, although one of them isn't age. (Woe is me!) We're both living in the Southwest, although I'm where I want to be and she wants to live in New York City. (You're a braver soul than I, Gunga Din.) I, too, was an English major. We both recently got netbooks. I like YA, adventure and sci-fi, and since Anastasia's taking part in the Seafaring Challenge, it looks as though we like the smell of salt in the air...and we both just might like to swash the unwary buckle from time to time.

The thing I enjoy the most about Anastasia's blog is her "voice". Not everyone can carry off a conversational tone well, but she certainly can. As I read her posts, I feel as though we're facing each other on a comfy couch having a fun conversation about the books we're reading.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Shut up, Cathy, and cut to the chase! Well this time, folks, you're going to see a very different blogging space than you've ever seen before here on Scene of the Blog. Don't forget that you can click on the photo to view it full size.

(I hope the photo's not too horrible; the light here is crap.)

I do all my work in my bedroom, on my bed. Technically I have a desk but it faces the wall and is a little too short for me, so I abandoned it (now I use it to hold my Pokemon collection). I also have an actual computer desk, but it's a little awkward to use with a laptop and so now I just use my bed.

There's my computer, my, er, pillow-with-arms (what are those things called?), various piles of books, and my iPod Touch. Also my box of tissues, which helps combat my horrible allergies. There's actually more books at the very end of the bed, but I couldn't fit them in the shot, sadly enough. And of course there's more books piled up to either side of my bed, and in my bookshelves on the other side of the room (one of which is tilting rather worryingly), and in my two closets, and in my brother's old room, etc. etc. It's cluttered, but I like it!

I can't tell you how tickled I am that someone was brave enough to show that she blogs in bed! Perhaps that will bring a few more of you out of the woodwork, hmmm?

Having had horrendous allergies in the past myself, I know how important that large economy size box of Kleenex is. I googled "reading in bed pillows" and found exactly what you have, Anastasia. It seems as though sellers call them whatever they want. Some places refer to them as "bedrest pillows" and other places call them "The Bed Lounge", which sounds rather fancy. Let me check something out here...just as I thought! If it's called "bedrest", it sells for anywhere from $16 to $60. If it's "The Bed Lounge" it retails for $130. Gotta love those retailers!

Anastasia's creative space may not be as fancy as some of the others we've seen in previous weeks, but it's comfortable and it works for her. That's what it's all about, isn't it? It's too bad that she couldn't fit some of her books in the shot as well. Nosy thing that I am, I wouldn't have minded taking a look at those, too.

Thanks so much for letting us take a look at your creative space, Anastasia. We really appreciate it!

See, folks? Scene of the Blog can take you anywhere-- from the library to the living room to the kitchen to the boudoir...all within the blink of an eye! Whose creative space will we see next Wednesday? Come back and see!


  1. A great shot!

    Proves that all it takes to have a book blog is a laptop + a pile of books :D

    I hope you remember that my scene of the blog (the very first) was portable. The shot was from our cottage, but could just as well has been from my home - the livingroom, the kitchen, the bedroom. What a pity one can´t write on the laptop out of doors I say.

  2. Wow I want that pillow with arms, it looks so comfy and cool.
    Very nice blogging space

  3. This looks like the perfect place to blog. So comfy. I used to have a pillow like that. It was wonderful for spending lots of reading time in bed. I don't remember what happened to it. Thanks for showing us another creative person's blogging space. I'm going to go check out her blog now.

  4. I would have too much competition trying to keep my cats off my keyboard. Very cute post. Thanks.

  5. That was how I got most of my work done in college. I called mine my "chair pillow." I had a desk in my dorm, but the chair pillow was much more comfortable. I ended up saving it and using it to help prop up my kids when they were learning how to sit up as babies.

    Great work space Anastasia!

  6. Everyone I knew in college had one of those pillows. We all called them husband pillows - and we'd frequently bring our "husbands" to each other's rooms for movies and whatever. They're really comfortable!

    I sometimes blog in bed too. Mostly at a desk though.

  7. Dorte--I could very easily take my netbook outside to blog here. I just don't choose to do so.

  8. I really love bloggers who have comfy spaces...when I went to college we called those "husbands"!

    I really wanted to see the other piles of books as well...darn it...maybe next time.

  9. a) Thanks so much to everyone who commented. You all made me feel MUCH better about my blogging space! :D

    b) I think I'll just call mine a "bed pillow"-- "husband" would give my mother fits, lol. (Also, I totally got mine for about $10 at Linens-N-Things back when it was open. Don't overpay for anything, folks!)

    c) Besides being wonderful human beings, you are all SNOOPS. But don't worry, because so am I. Here's what some of my books piles (and my bookshelves) look like:

    (Show me yours in return?)

  10. This is my first time over here since you did the new makeover -- I love it!! Bravo! And I have to say -- it loaded much faster!!

    On to the post. I have to admire a girl who can blog in bed. I know I couldn't! And I so wish I was blogging when I was in college ... how wonderful to have this at such a young age. And here's to getting rid of allergies!

  11. I'm not sure how much blogging I'd get done in bed, but it sure looks comfortable!

    Thanks to Cathy and Anastasia for letting us get a peek into a comfy scene of the blog.

  12. Anastasia--As Jenners has mentioned before, this weekly feature satisfies the Inner Peeping Tom in us all. ;) Thanks so much for showing us your books. Within the next few days, I might have something up about my own!

    Jenners--Thanks so much for the thumbs up on my new look!

    Beth--That's a very good way of putting it. Anastasia's is the Comfy Scene of the Blog!

  13. I've heard those called "husbands," too, and I had one that I loved until it got too worn to use. :(

    I blog in bed sometimes, too, when I write things for my blog in my notebook, and when I get my laptop (soon hopefully) I'll be doing more of that I'm sure.

    At least the bed is made! Don't know if I'd take a pic of mine. LOL

    Diary of an Eccentric

  14. I LOVE my bedrest. I keep it in bed for reading in bed. I also keep in place when I am sleeping. I just scoot down lower in the bed (not a problem since I am short) and that way I can rest my hand that sometimes just hangs and falls asleep in the air on the arm of it.
    LOVE MY BEDREST. I am sure mine is a rest and not a LOUNGER lol.


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