Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Time for...Friday Feud!

It's a miracle that I'm not blown over by the jet stream as these weeks fly by!

It's time for another edition of Friday Feud here at Kittling: Books. The rules are few and simple:

--Do not duplicate answers.

--Please leave all your answers in the comments section of this post.

Now that all the legalities are out of the way............

Let's play The Feud!

Everyone loves to laugh. Name your favorite comedian.


  1. The late Richard Jeni. RIP. :-(


  2. dane cook cracks me up!

  3. Dang, Beth took George Carlin! How about Bill Cosby?

    Kids: Dad, make us breakfast!
    Dad: What do you want?
    Kids: There's leftover cake!
    Dad: Fine.
    Kids (singsong): Dad is great! Gives us chocolate cake!
    Mom (arriving): CAKE FOR BREAKFAST?? Who gave these kids cake for breakfast??
    Kids (weeping): Dad made us eat it!

  4. Jon Stewart (That show he does isn't really a news show...:-D)

  5. I knew I'd learn of some new comedians by asking this!

    My answer is Jonathan Winters.

  6. I am going to break the rules. It is very difficult to give a simple answer to this question, so I am going complicated.

    If we're talking comedians who are also clowns, I would have a tie between Red Skelton (USA) and Tony Hancock (UK).

    If we're talking comediennes, I have a tie between Mollie Sugden (RIP and sorely missed), and Dawn French (both UK).

    If we're talking stand-up comedians, then Bill Bailey (UK).

    If we're talking wit, ie comedy driven by a fearsome intelligence, then Stephen Fry (UK).

    If we're talking comic improvisation, then Lenny Henry (UK).

    If I have to choose a favourite comic routine to listen to, rather than watch, it's a tie between Bill Cosby's Noah, and Peter, Paul and Mary's In Concert album.

    The sad thing is, I live in Australia, and there isn't one Aussie on my list. We have a ton of good comedians, just not my favourites.

    Even I realize I've hijacked the thread, so I'm stopping. But thank you Cathy for the chance to think about one of my favourite subjects. Can we have a question about writers of humour soon?

  7. Susan--It wasn't a hostile takeover, so don't worry about it! I think your request for writers of humor is an excellent one!


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