Friday, July 24, 2009

I Keep Coming Back For More!

Just what the world needs-- another blogging award-- right? There are several book blogs that I want to show my brand of appreciation to, and this is why I've come up with my very own award.

The I Keep Coming Back for More! Award is for a blog you just can't stay away from. If you've been busier than a one-armed paperhanger with the hives and your Google reader is over 1,000 unread posts, these are the blogs that you single out to read. These are the ones that are never victims to the dreaded Mark All As Read. There may be many different reasons why you can't stay away: a taste in books that mirrors your own, the same sense of humor, always knowing the latest in the book world... for whatever the reason, these blogs are flat out addictive and you have no wish to be cured!

The blogs I'm giving this virgin award to are:
The rules for the recipients are simple. (I'm a believer in the KISS method.) What are the rules?
  • Enjoy the award. If you don't want to put it on your blog, don't. Just get the warm, fuzzy feeling that I'm sending your way!
  • You don't have to reveal any deep, dark secrets about yourself or answer any sort of questions. You've already earned it!
  • You don't have to link back to me.
  • You don't have to give it to anyone else.
Simple, huh? Now, if you do want to give this award to someone else, that's a whole 'nuther kettle of fish.

If you do want to pass it along to some of those addictive book blogs in your reader, just follow the same four rules I outlined above. This is a pay-it-forward award. Nothing is to be expected in return!

(In case you're wondering, this isn't a one-time only award ceremony. It will appear again in future because...I'm a blog junkie!)


  1. Thank you so much! I have that warm, fuzzy feeling now!

    I love the fact you have created your own award - that is such a great thing to do.

    Thank you.

  2. You have no idea how much the warm fuzzy feelings are needed right now...had an awful week at work and it's hovering near zero degrees too down here in winter - so the warm part of warm and fuzzy is very necessary :) So, thanks very much Cathy. I will put it on the blog actually...but I have to go to work now so will do it when I have less distraction.

  3. Of course I'm checking out the other recipients of this award that I was not previously aware of which I can see is going to make me late for work but I'm going to blame you so expect a call from the irate folks at my workplace :)

    And I just realised the award is a HAVE been reading a lot of Aussie fiction lately and it's clearly having an impact :)

  4. Thanks, Cathy! Yes, it did give me a warm, fuzzy feeling! What a great award!

  5. Many thanks Cathy - and what an appropriate symbol for me!

  6. How clever you are to create your own award. I have written about it here and passed the love on. Many thanks Cathy.

  7. Cathy...what a great list...I was not aware of any of them so it was wonderful that you singled them out for the rest of us! Thanks for your support of all of us.

  8. Fantastic award with fantastic rules given to fantastic bloggers.

  9. Thank you so much Cathy - what a wonderful award! Is it okay to give it right back to you? Hmmm, that didn't come out quite the right way - I don't want to return this award! But you're definitely on my list of addictive blogs :)

  10. Great invention, and the rules are definitely Cathyish!

    I have such a warm, fuzzy feeling plus two bumps in the back of my head after having received two Australian boomerangs LOL

  11. Jackie--You're welcome! I can be so bad at toeing the line that I had to come up with my own award! LOL

    Bernadette--Let 'em phone. I'll be waiting for them! ;) Yes indeed, I am being brainwashed by the Aussie crime fiction I'm reading!

    Jenclair--You're welcome!

    Kerrie--How many Yank book bloggers do you know who use an Aussie symbol for their award? LOL

    Tina--You're welcome! I'm glad that you checked out their blogs. They're always increasing the number of books on my TBR shelves, and they're all around wonderful folks!

    Beth--Far out! (I almost said fantastic....) I see that you're a recipient. That person has excellent taste!

    Belle--You're welcome! If you must give it back to me, I'll accept. I'll just follow one of my own rules and not post about it! LOL

    Dorte--For someone who's never met me, you seem to know that I can be a rebel. ;) And...the idea is to catch them with your hands--not your head! LOL

  12. Thank you very much Cathy, that's wonderful. I'm away from homefor a week, but when I have more time I'll post about this. Your blog is one never to miss!

  13. Margaret--You're welcome. Enjoy your week away!

  14. Serena--Knowing you, you're probably familiar with all their blogs!


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