Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

I hope everyone had a great week and that you're all enjoying your weekend. Let me take a look and see what sort of links I have to share. (Whew! Good thing I caught that typo. I almost talked about sharing kink. Blush)

In the News
  • Longtime Utah bookseller, Sam Weller, died at the age of 88. I lived in the Salt Lake area back in the mid-70s, and many's the Saturday I spent in Mr. Weller's wonderful bookstore. I could take you into my library and show you the books I bought there. Let's hope that his family can carry on the tradition for many decades to come.
  • The local book examiner from pits her summer reading list against Oprah's.
  • While we're on the subject of summer's best books, here's librarian Nancy Pearl's summer reading list. (And they're all available at your local libraries!)
  • The San Francisco Public Library conducted a two-week amnesty period and asked people to submit "excuses" for their lateness. Check them out!
Blogging, Techie & Social Media Tips
  • 11 Useful Twitter Tools That Don't Require Your Password.
  • Periodically you should go through the pages of your blog and check for broken links. If you use Firefox as your browser, there's an add-on that will do the checking for you: Link Evaluator.
  • Have you heard of PhotoPeach? Susan of The Book Chook has been test driving it, and it looks really cool. I think I'll give it a try soon!
  • You may remember that Gautami Tripathy's original blog was taken down without her knowledge because of malware. In her new blog, she shares some simple tips to prevent that from happening to anyone else.
  • Have you been hearing about meta tags and want to know what they have to do with your blog? Blogger Tips and Tricks has a post about them. (Only for Blogger blogs, by the way.)
  • ProBlogger gives tips on How to Defend Your Blog's Copyright.
Out & About in the Book Blogosphere
Sometimes It's All About ME
  • Weeks ago Elizabeth of As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves asked me to participate in her weekly meme, 451 Fridays. I finally got around to choosing 5 books that I would save.
Blogs I've Discovered in the Past Week
A few more links than usual, but since I now have a netbook, I can sit with Denis in the family room. While he watches baseball, I can surf. Stop by next Sunday when I'll have a whole new batch of links!


  1. As usual a lot of thought-provoking links.
    I certainly don´t warn people of violence in my reviews - I assume people expect it - but I might warn readers of sexual content.

    And what is most important in a book: in one way the end, but if the beginning is not promising I might never get there LOL

  2. NIce set of links, as always. I have several marked to explore. And thanks for the new blogs to check out, too.

  3. Oh I think the end is the most important to me as a reader. If the beginning and middle are terrific and then the end lets me down I can't help but be angry about it and it spoils the whole journey. As a writer I am sure the beginning is vital to draw people in - but don't forget a great ending!!!

    Our Monday Movie Meme question this week should be a little easier - Action Heroes! Post will be up this evening. Thanks for the love.

  4. Hey great information! Thanks for mentioning me too and also come on over and get your award! :0)

  5. I always look forward to this post each week. You always find the most interesting and helpful sites. Thanks again.

  6. I look forward to these links every week, too. Sometimes I don't have time to check them all out, but I like your potted version because it helps me keep on top of the blogosphere.

    Did you do the math with the San Fran library? They saved so much, despite what they lost in late fines. What a great idea for libraries to follow.

    I hope your readers do check PhotoPeach out - such a nice way for kids to create and share stories.

  7. Dorte--I am in total agreement with you about the beginning of a book. If it's no good, that book could have the world's best ending, and I'd never know it!

    Beth--You're welcome!

    Bumbles--You're welcome. I'm just glad that I found your blog! I'll have to see about joining in Monday...hmmm...action heroes..... didn't have to do that! Thanks!

    Margot--You're welcome. The pleasure is all mine.

    Susan--I'm glad you enjoy this weekly post!

  8. A great set of links, Cathy! I made note of several, especially in the "blog/techie/social media category"

    Have a portable PC (netbook) can be hazardous to your free time :)

  9. Dawn--I'm glad you made some notes. ;) I'm being very careful not to let the netbook eat up my free time. So far it's been easy to just sit on the couch and go through all the posts in my Google Reader while the TV is on.


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