Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

Even though I had an adverse reaction to the chemicals used to remove bees from our shed and I didn't even turn on the computer one day this week, I still seem to have found plenty of links. I must be a link magnet! Hopefully, you'll find one or two of them useful, amusing or enlightening.

Bookish News
  • For mystery lovers, here are two articles. One entitled The Sensitive Inspector Syndrome and the second the Anti-Sensitive Inspector.
  • When I was in college in Utah, one of my favorite Saturday things to do was to drive to Salt Lake City, spend a few hours in Sam Weller's Zions Bookstore, eat at the nearby Shakespeare's Sandwich Shop, and then go back to my apartment with my spoils. I found an article about Sam Weller's in 2009 that brought back some memories.
  • You seldom find an established author saying that she'd rather not be published, but that's exactly what Kate Atkinson said at Hay-on-Wye recently.
  • Book Examiner Michelle Kerns recently posted a list of ten authors all Jane Austen lovers should read. Authors 1-5 are here. Authors 6-10 are here.
Conversations in the Book Blogosphere
  • There's been some controversy over last weekend's book blogger panel at Book Expo America. In a way I expected it. Things like this just seem to garner an over-sized share of sour grapes. Amongst the vinegary vintages, I did find a few gems, one of them being a post from Sheri of A Novel Menagerie wondering if there's some way we can avoid things like this in future. Due to all the comments her post generated, she wrote a follow-up to it.
  • Jackie of Farm Lane Books would like to know what it would take for lurkers to show themselves.
  • Carrie of Books and Movies has a question about the way we write our reviews.
  • Ruth of Bookish Ruth has a question about ARCs and book buying.
  • Laura of I'm Booking It and Natalie of Book, Line and Sinker had similar posts this week about actually meeting people face-to-face that we've gotten to know through letters or through various places online.
Blogging, Techie & Social Media Tips
My Blog Discoveries
Denis and I are spending most of this week in the mountains outside of Bisbee, Arizona, and something tells me that I really will have fewer links to share next Sunday! Have a great week, y'all!


  1. Great links this week, Cathy. I enjoyed the list of books Jane Austen fans would enjoy. I added one to my list!

    I went and read Jackie's post about lurkers. Did someone else have a post about this, too? Because I remember commenting on this topic but it wasn't on Jackie's blog. Hmm...I dunno. It is a great topic to address, though. I know I have far more subscribers than I have commenters.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me. The post I wrote came comments in which I agree with, but it changed my perspective about things. My follow up post in which I summarize the comments and elect to drop my idea is located:

    Happy Sunday!


  3. Great links. I also love the new blogs section. I always find at least one to add to my list.

  4. I'm back! The Austen suggestions were interesting because I love Austen and I really liked many of the authors on that list. But I think I'm the only in the world one who can't stand McCall Smith.

  5. Great links! And I love to read weekly round ups. Like Beth I also seem to get at least one new idea when ever I read the weekly round ups around the blogs.

  6. Love the links and am having a good time poking through all of them. The post-Austen article gave me a chuckle since I own almost every book written by all of the authors listed with the exception of the Zombies book. Guess I gravitate to Austen-like books without any trouble. :-)

  7. Great round up and links Cathy. I'm just catching up on my reader and finding out about this whole wave one wave two blogger deal. too much drama.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Excellent links, especially the Austen one and Carrie's about reviews.
    btw, I tagged you for a meme if you interested. You don't have too :)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  9. Great links. The Anti-sensitive Inspector link caused the most damage to my i-want list. Funnily enough, I'm re-reading Careless in Red right now. I'm definitely a Sensitive Inspector fan. But the ones in the anti-sensitive list sound like such fun. Now I'm off to check out the Austen books.

  10. I take that back. The Austen links are causing even more damage. I've been looking slightly askance at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, not sure about it, but I've even toppled off the fence on that one. (My husband is a martial arts instructor, so the mention of Lady Catherine and her dojo and ninja warriors totally won me over.

  11. Thanks for the list of links. There are a lot of interesting ones. I really liked the Jane Austen list, and it has caused my list to grow even more unwieldy than it was before!

    And thanks for the link to my blog, I appreciate it!

  12. Another nice weekly round-up, Cathy! I especially like the "conversations" links. I follow many of the same blogs you do, but you never fail to alert me to something/someone I've missed.

  13. Rebecca--I'm glad you enjoyed the links. There may have been another blogger who wanted to know about giving lurkers the power of comment, but Jackie's is the only one of which I can think!

    Sheri--I saw that follow-up and meant to link to it as well, and forgot. :( Thanks for the reminder. I've made the correction!

    Beth--Thanks. I hate the fact that this coming Sunday won't have any new blog links. Out of town and no internet...but I had a wonderful time! Oh...I'm almost in your camp when it comes to Alexander McCall Smith. I read two of his books and just don't care to read any others.

    Louise--I enjoy taking a look at everyone else's links, too!

    Kristen--some people don't need any help when it comes to Austen. I don't myself!

    Luanne--Drama indeed. But it did alert me to some fantastic blogs that I didn't know existed!

    Jenny--I promise I'll get around to your meme. I've been out of town, and now I'll be playing catch-up at work, so it will take me a while!

    Belle--I must be Evil. I like causing lots of damage to people's wish lists! :)

    Laura--You're welcome!

    Dawn--I'm glad to be of help!


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