Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Jenners of Find Your Next Book Here

This week we're paying a visit to Jenners, a stay-at-home Mom from New Jersey.

What? You haven't visited her blog Find Your Next Book Here? Well, we're just going to have to do something about that! I enjoy her blog for her challenges, reviews and author interviews, but know what I like about it the most? Jenners' personality. Her sense of fun and adventure, her genuine caring and her boundless enthusiasm come shining through. As I read her posts, I could swear that I actually hear her speaking to me. Let me tell you-- that's very rare!

Enough of the intro, let's get to the real reason you've stopped by. It's time to take a look at where Jenners creates her blog, isn't it?

You bet it is! (Just remember-- the photo is clickable if you'd like to see it full size, and you probably will because she's put captions on it for us.)

My "blog creation station" is located in the middle of traffic central --
overlooking the kitchen and in the family room. This is perfect because my
husband can watch TV or play video games while I blog but we are still
"together but separate." I have a notepad where I write down post ideas, and
I keep a little table with my books to review and new books for Mailbox
Mondays next to the computer. It is a little bit messy as you can see -- I
think I need a bigger desk. (I also do all our bills, filing and other
household paperwork stuff here.) Although I have a laptop, I use a regular
desktop keyboard and mouse because I can't stand typing on a laptop or those
touch pad mouse pads -- too hard to use!

I agree with Jenners; the touch pad and keyboard on laptops drive me nuts. (Of course in my case, it doesn't help when the laptop in question is my husband's with its funky UK keys!)

I like Jenners' space being right in traffic central with plenty of light and room to move. My husband and I also do the "together yet separate" thing. Sometimes there's just "stuff" you have to do, but being in the same room makes it much better.

Thanks for letting us take a look at your creation station, Jenners. We really appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next week when Kittling: Books will be featuring the creative space of another book blogger. Don't deny it-- we know you want to satisfy your Inner Peeping Tom!


  1. Hi Cathy!

    I voted. That's interesting actually, to see what is the most annoying -- in order to avoid it on our own blogs.

    Today is WHAT'S ON YOUR DESK WEDNESDAY? on my blog. And you've been tagged. I hope you can join in with the fun, but please don’t feel any pressure to do so. If you don’t have time to do it today, there is always next Wednesday!

    I will also upload any photos to my WHAT’S ON YOUR DESK WEDNESDAY? Flickr set, so if you’d rather not have your photo’s included, just shout!


    By the way, it looks like you already have a desk pic handy - love your desk!

    Take care, and have fun!

    Sassy Brit ☺

  2. I'm a loyal follower of Jenners and love seeing her 'space'. It's nice to know that she's just a normal gal with life and kids and a husband and wants to be close to it all. This is a very fun thing you do.

  3. Jenners's blog is on my daily list. Looks like a great place to blog. I hate being stuck in my office. I love the labels on the photo!

  4. It was so much fun to see Jenner's space since I love her blog so much. I like that her computer is right in the middle of everything too.

  5. Cathy I love when you do this feature on your blog. Its nice to see where the bloggers you follow work from.

    I am off to check out this new to me blog. You have a great spot to blog and I loved your captions in the pictures too.

  6. Nice space, I like that you are together, and still separated :)

  7. I LOVE that her creation station is right in the hub of her house......mine is too. :)

  8. What a nice airy space! And so close to snacks!

  9. I love the labeling and all the organization!

  10. Thanks for introducing me to this fantastic blogger!! I joined both her book blog and her personal blog.

    Love the space too - it is great to be in the flow of traffic so that you don't feel isolated. I like too that her husband and she can spend time in the same rooming doing what they both like to do!!

  11. Heather: Thanks for being such a loyal reader and checking out this post! But I don't know about me being "normal." HAHA!

    Beth F: I can't tell you how much it means to me that you read my blog! And I know it is like to be stuck in an office -- yuck!

    Bermudaonion: Thank you for the kind comment! I feel honored that you make the time to visit my blog!

    Cindy: I hope you come for a visit and aren't too disappointed!

    Blodeuedd: Together but separate works well for us! Too much togetherness does NOT work well! ; )

    Angie: With small children, we don't really get to hide away, do we? Even though we want to!

    Rhapsodyinbooks: It is a both a plus and minus that it is close to snacks ... yummy but fattening!

    TexasRed: This was my first adventure into labeling a photo -- it was really fun! I used Picasa, which made it super easy.

    Kara: Thank you so much for coming over and joining both my blogs! WOW! And it is good to be "in the thick" of things so you don't feel disconnected.

    Cathy: Thank you so much for being a part of this and for the super nice things you said about me! It was so fun.

  12. Looks like a perfect place to blog! Right in the middle of everything but still on its own. It's good to see where the creative Jenners thinks out her wonderful ideas!

  13. Love it jenners! I tend to carry my lap top where ever someone in my house isn't making noise (which isn't easy to find these days) Love this idea!

  14. LOL, Jenner, your desk looks like mine, I just removed that board on the bottom plus I haven't got that extra board for a keyboard! Your laptop even looks like mine ;-) And I actually also used to have that red color on my walls, but they've been painted white for a few years now, though. Thanks for the peek.

  15. Jenners - thanks for sharing your space - and I'm coming over to visit!

  16. Septembermom: Thanks for popping over to visit! You are so kind!

    Padfoot and Prongs: I've just given up on finding quiet time -- I just tune it out when I go into "blog mode."

    Louise: Wait ... are you sure we aren't the same person? And those red walls...weren't they a pain to paint? We had to paint no less than 5 times! I thought "dark color will cover white easily." This is NOT true. Advice for anyone who wants to paint their walls red: Prime with something first or you will be painting way more than you thought!

    Luanne: Thanks for coming over to visit! I hope you find something to help you stick around! : )

  17. I just started following Jenner's blog a couple of weeks ago. It's very creative and lots of fun. And now to see her space and her humorous labels - this is great. Thanks, Cathy, for sharing her with us.

  18. Cool! I love Jenners' blog. Now I know where she blogs and e-mails me from! I really enjoy this feature.

  19. Sassy--I've been busier than the proverbial one-armed paperhanger with the hives, so I haven't gotten to What's On Your Desk Wednesday. I'll make a note and see what I can come up with next Wednesday!

    Heather-- I'm glad you like this feature. It's a lot of fun to do.

    Cindy & Kara--One of the ideas behind Scene of the Blog was to introduce new blogs to readers. I'm so glad you're going to check out Jenners' blog!

    Jenners-- It's easy to say nice things when I'm saying them about a fun, nice person like you!

    Margot--You've pretty much "nailed it". Most of the time I feel as though I'm sharing treasures with everyone when I feature these blogging spaces.

    Rebecca--I'm glad you enjoy it!

  20. Finally, I was able to see Jenners area. Thank you, Jenners for a look into your blogging spot.
    I love the "together but separate" part.

    Thanks, Cathy, for the peek into Jenners blogging universe.

  21. I loved getting to see where you work Jenners! My space is even messier than yours. :) I do all of the other household paperwork (bills, etc) at my desk too.

  22. "Resort"--You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoy the feature!

  23. What a neat space! Mine is in the kitchen right by the living room. I love the "together but separate" thing. :)

    Diary of an Eccentric

  24. I try to do the together but separate thing but for some reason hubby doesn't see that as together! LOL

    I love the table with the separate shelves for her review books and her mailbox monday books.

    Thanks for sharing with us Jenners.


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