Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Lana of A Hoyden Looks at Literature

This week we're visiting Lana of A Hoyden Looks at Literature. Lana recently spent a semester in London studying law. She just returned and is calling Dallas, Texas, home for the moment.

The first thing that caught my eye on Lana's blog was the word "hoyden" in its title. It's a favorite of mine, and one that I don't see used very often. I headed on over: "
A Swashbuckling Romantic's reviews of the literary, the not-so-literary, the great fun, and the truly awful." Oooh...swashbuckling! I do love to swash my buckle! I kept reading and discovered that we share interests in art and history...and she's participating in the one reading challenge that almost makes me want to join--The Seafaring Challenge.

Let's see where Lana blogged while she studied in London, shall we? Please remember that the photo is clickable so you can view it full size.

I'm studying abroad this semester, so this isn't my ideal workspace, but I've cobbled it together as best I can. On the left you see my absolute necessities for blogging - tea (this one is a particularly lovely Mango infused black tea from Hawaii that I love) and chocolate. I'm addicted to Milka and am happy to be in Europe this semester where it's more readily available. You can also see my tarot cards peering out from under the desk - essential for some questions, useless in determining what on Mt. TBR should be read next.

Taking center stage is my laptop - where I get most of my blogging done, though to the right you can see my jar of pens and my collection of sealing wax. I really enjoy handwriting - whenever I need to make sense of something or can't seem to get a draft right, I take myself off to a comfy corner and write by hand until I sort it out. I think better on paper. I especially love to send (and receive) hand-written letters, and I make sure that any letters I send off bear a seal - that one was passed down to me by my father. One big family of hopeful romantics!

And all the way on the right is the pile of books waiting to be reviewed. I've managed to whittle it down quite a bit. I'm quite proud of myself! I first started blogging as a way to keep track of my reading, but I really love sharing with my readers and taking part in the community.

Blogging in "strange digs" can be difficult, but Lana's blogging corner looks like it has everything she needs right at hand--especially the chocolate and tea, two blogging essentials! It's also good to see someone who still believes in old-fashioned handwriting.

Since I knew Lana was only studying abroad for one semester, I emailed her to get the latest. Here's what she told me:

I just got back from London - I was participating in a brand new law program abroad. I just graduated from law school, so at the moment I'm studying for the bar in Dallas, Texas - home for the moment. But I just got a job offer in London full-time! So come October, I'll be heading back over the pond for at least a few years.

I think you'll agree that this is very exciting news, and I wish Lana all the best in studying for the bar and being able to live and work in England. Wow!

Thanks so much for letting us peek at your creative space, Lana. We really appreciate it!

Tune in next Wednesday for a brand-new Scene of the Blog! If you'd like to participate, by all means let me know!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your space and your story, Lana. And lucky you to be able to live in the UK for a while.

  2. That's so exciting! Lana, I love that you use sealing wax. How cool. =)

  3. A collection of sealing wax? She is certainly one very interesting hoyden! I don't think I have ever heard of anyone even using sealing wax at least not in this century! I'm heading right over to her blog and see this fascinating lady. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, I'd be happy to "cobble" together any small space if I could do my blogging in London! I wish Lana much success!

  5. What a great opportunity she has had to be studying in London and now to live and work there for a few years. Great to see her space.

  6. Hi everybody! Thanks so much for all your kind comments.

    It was great to be able to spend a semester in London, and I'm thrilled that I'll be able to go back! The postage-stamp sized room was totally worth it. :)

    I've always been intrigued by sealing wax, so when my dad gave me his, I was pleased as anything. It's been a bit harder to find recently, but I've found small stationery shops that have pretty seals and wax.

  7. Another great Scene of the Blog! As an avowed "typist" I just can't write long-hand anymore ... I actually get cramps. But perhaps if I had some sealing wax I could get into it.

    What an interesting life you are having. So busy.

    And I love Cathy's "swash my buckle" comment. Made me chuckle. : )

  8. Good to know that blogs are portable!
    Thank you for this weekly peep into someone else´s life :D

  9. I am happy to be around to enjoy the blogger's places posts now, after having been gone for the main part of them (although I have checked them out!). It so great to get this look into other blogger's lives, so thanks a lot for posting :o)


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