Monday, June 01, 2009

Mailbox Monday-- I was a good girl last week!

I was a very good girl last week. I sent 15 books on to new Paperback Swap foster homes while only 5 arrived-- one a pre-order from Amazon, three from Paperback Swap and one an ARC from Simon & Schuster UK. Here's the scoop:

--The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson (Amazon), #5 in the Sheriff Walt Longmire mystery series set in Wyoming. Craig Johnson was my favorite author discovery last year, and I enjoy his books so much that I just had to pre-order the newest in the series. As soon as I finish this post, I'm heading off to begin reading it!

--Little Bee by Chris Cleave (PBS). "
All you should know going in to Little Bee is that what happens on the beach is brutal, and that it braids the fates of a 16-year-old Nigerian orphan (who calls herself Little Bee) and a well-off British couple--journalists trying to repair their strained marriage with a free holiday--who should have stayed behind their resort's walls."

--The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (S&SUK). This is an ARC I received from Simon & Schuster UK. Gregory moves away from the Tudors and back to the War of the Roses in order to tell the story of Elizabeth Woodville who became queen to Edward IV. I've read biographies about Woodville, and will be interested to see how Gregory tells the story.

--The Honk and Holler Opening Soon by Billie Letts (PBS).
"For 12 years, wheelchair-bound restaurateur and Vietnam vet Caney Paxton hasn't left his Sequoyah, Okla., cafe, known as the Honk and Holler Opening Soon. Now it's Christmas time, 1985, and for Caney and four-times married waitress Molly O the holiday looks bleak: business is slumping, overdue bills are piling up and the roof is leaking. But that changes when luck brings the Honk and Holler two new employees...."

--Malice Domestic by Mollie Hardwick (PBS) is the first in a cozy mystery series about an antiques dealer in Kent, England.

A big Thank You to Marcia of The Printed Page for hosting this meme! If you'd like to see what other folks received in their mailboxes, just click on that hungry-looking gator mailbox at the top of this post. See you next Monday!


  1. Enjoy :D
    I am really curious about the white queen

  2. That's a nice variety of books. Enjoy!

  3. nice variety...i've seen the white queen making the rounds...sounds like a good book...happy reading.

    here's my post:

  4. First Thing: I love the new picture. I want to be with the girl on the beach. Summer reading is where it all began for me.

    Walt Longmire #1 is still on my TBR pile and he's up to #5 already? I need to catch up. Actually I enjoy the character and I'm dragging it out.

  5. A good collection of books for you this week, eh? Enjoy!

    My mailbox is here:

  6. What a good girl you are!! It is very rare for me to have more books leave the house than entering it!

    I really want to read Little Bee too - I hope you enjoy it.

  7. Oh I LOVE paperback swap! Now my kids have caught on and keep leaving their old, read books by my computer for me to swap!

    Love Phillippa Gregory - can't wait to hear your thoughts on that one. And Little Bee - sounds like one to put on my wish list for sure!

  8. You had a great week Cathy! I'm going to have to try a little harder to find some of my books new homes. :)

    I'm quite green with envy of the Philippa Gregory book! I just love her style and the life she brings to her books. Happy reading!!

    ~ Wendi

  9. Blodeuedd--I'm curious about The White Queen myself, since I've already read books about her. It's always interesting to see another author's "take" on the same subject.

    Thanks, Mary!

    Serena--Once in a while I manage to read a book that's making the rounds of other blogs. ;)

    Margot--I'm glad you love the June painting because I do, too. It brings back all sorts of wonderful memories! I love Sheriff Walt, and he has the distinction of being one of the few characters I'm so crazy about that I keep current with their series!

    Kristen--Yes, it is a good selection. Thanks for stopping by!

    Jackie--I'd be reading Little Bee right now, but my husband is eyeing a couple of books on my shelves, so I'm reading those first! LOL

    Johanna--It's always great to hear about someone else who loves PBS!

    Wendi--I don't always keep up with posting books on PBS, which is silly because when I do, it seems that they all fly out of the house and into new homes!

  10. I need to read The Honk and Holler... enjoy your books!


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