Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

Where did May go? Even though I spent lots of time with my nose stuck in some very good books or getting other books ready to mail to fellow Paperback Swap members, I did manage to find some links to share this week.

Bookish News
  • The My Space Trailer Park is all set to premiere the movie trailer of New Moon at 7:45 PM (PST), Sunday, May 31. If you're a fan, you'll want a sneak peek. If you have teen aged girls in the house, you'll want to know what they're mooning over. Oh...I almost made a funny--mooning...New Moon...never mind. You had to be here.
  • Tor Books has a funny post about How to Lie About Books. Not that any of us would ever have to do that.
  • If you're a mystery fan like me, you'll want to check out National Public Radio's Best Summer Mysteries.
  • Have you heard about the problems book lovers in the Philippines have had in getting books? Here's an article about their book blockade.
  • Once again, the Guardian has another excellent book post, this time How intolerable life would be without books.
  • This seems to have been mystery week. PBS's Masterpiece Mystery throws a Spotlight on World Mysteries, and they shine a light on some excellent choices.
Book Blogger Talk
Blogging & Techie Tips
  • Blogging Basics 101 shows you how to get the most out of Twitter.
  • Do you like to keep track of the traffic to and from your blog but don't like those widgets that make some visitors feel as though they're being stalked? There are two companies that offer free invisible web tracking: StatCounter and
Blogs I've Discovered

See you next week!


  1. The new Moon trailer is coming out...really, cool :D

  2. A fine collection of links.
    With regard to names, one of the thing I enjoy about blogging in English is that all my friends know who Dorte is. That is such a novelty. At school when we had p.e., we were 28 girls, and 7 of us were named Dorte (so obviously we were all called something else).

  3. Thanks for the links! I entered to win the blog re-design, I'd been thinking about doing this a lot lately, I want something more unique and book-related, and right now I don't think I can do it myself!

  4. This link list reminds me that last week I looked up and read and bookmarked every single one of your Techie Tips. But I forgot to come back and say thank you. Now I'm off to do it again so let me say Thank You before I get started. Thank You.

  5. Blodeuedd--Do you mean that, or are you just teasing me? :)

    Dorte--My 7th grade class had 35 students, and 7 of us were named K/Cathy. Torture!

    Melissa--Good luck!

    Margot--You're welcome! I'm glad you find them useful.

  6. I will have to look into the invisible web tracking, although I quite like the tracking-device I have on my blog right now :o)

  7. I'm obviously behind in my blog reading, as I only just noticed that you mentioned one of my posts. Thank you!

    I'm sad I missed the blog design giveaway, but I might just have to hire Judi at Doodlebug Designs... I'm due a blog makeover and I can't do it myself!


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