Monday, May 11, 2009

Mailbox Monday-- Almost a Carbon Copy

For a few days, I thought this week was going to be a carbon copy of last week, but Saturday changed all that. I sent two books out to new Paperback Swap foster homes and received three (all from PBS).

Here's what the post office delivered:

--One Grave Too Many by Beverly Connor. The first in the Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation series. A review on Amazon compares her to Aaron Elkins and Patricia Cornwell. All I have to say is...if Connor's like Cornwell, she'd better be like the early Cornwell, not the late!

--On the Arizona Road With Bill Leverton, by Bill Leverton. Bill Leverton did Charles Kuralt-like pieces for a local television station for many years. I enjoyed them and thought it wouldn't hurt to read his book. I'm always on the look-out for books about Arizona.

--Land Girl: Her story of six years in the Women's Land Army, 1940-46 by Anne Hall. I've read several books that have mentioned the Land Girls, but I really don't know that much about the WLA. I thought I'd get this book and remedy that!

There you have it--what the post office left in my mailbox for me last week. My thanks to Marcia of The Printed Page for hosting this meme. If you'd like to join us or if you'd just like to see other responses, click on that hungry-looking mailbox at the top of this post!


  1. I hope you enjoy your new treasures.

  2. That WLA book looks interesting.

  3. I like the sound of One Grave Too Many. Happy Reading :-)

  4. looks like some good books, here's my mailbox:

  5. I'm curious about Land Girl as I don't know much about the WLA either. Enjoy your books!

  6. "if Connor's like Cornwell, she'd better be like the early Cornwell, not the late!"
    I liked that, and I couldn´t agree more. But I am sure you´ll tell us what to expect from Connor in a review.

    I came home from a wonderful weekend in our cottage today and found a nice book parcel. A good friend had sent me a Val McDermid and a Sophie Hannah. "only" two books, but several inches for my TBR ;)

  7. I've never heard of Land Girls prior to your post. I'm going to have to watch for your review as I'm now really curious!

    :) Wendi

  8. From the sounds of several of these comments, I'd better put Land Girl toward the top of the TBR piles! :)

  9. Land Girl also caught my eye. I'm looking forward to your thoughts. My mailbox is here.

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