Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey, It's Tinkerbell!

Well...Tinkerbell disguised as Molly of My Cozy Book Nook who's given me the Your Blog Is Enchanting Award. According to the creator,
The blog has to show only one characteristic: Caring.
Thank you so very much, Molly! This means a great deal to me, since you're one of the most caring bloggers I know.

Most of you who read Kittling: Books on a regular basis know that I tend to be a bit of a rebel when it comes to awards. I'm going to continue to be one now. Some readers may think my refusal to pass along this award shows that I'm selfish. So be it. I honestly feel lousy when asked to pick and choose between so many people that I've come to know and like.

I'll just do my best to live up to the awards I've been so very fortunate to receive. Your recognition means the world to me, and gives me the incentive to continue thinking of new things to share with you all.


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