Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

I'm so used to the pitter patter of many feet that this house seems oddly silent. It was a wonderful two weeks having family from England here, but now that I no longer have two blogging students by my side, it's time to see where my browsing took me this past week!

Out and About in Book Blog Ville
Fun Stuff
Other News
Techie Stuff
New to My Google Reader
I hope you enjoy this round-up of links I found interesting, informative or just plain fun. Tune in again next Sunday when I'll have a whole new batch!


  1. always love to read the techie stuff...don't do any of it...just like to read it.

  2. When do negative reviews go too far?
    Thank you for this link. I enjoyed the post and would have commented, but as my comment would have been no 72, I decided to write a few words here instead.

    I am so new to blogging that I have not really considered my reviews of much importance to the world as such - until recently ;)
    One thing is that I figured out quite soon that as a blogger you find new friends - and these friends trust you. If you write an inspired, enthusiastic review, these friends believe that the book is good - and vice versa.
    Furthermore, one of my new friends is a writer, and I review his books (with pleasure, fortunately).
    So of course I have to review books in the same conscientious way as I teach. Don´t lie or cheat anyone - but in some situations it may be better not to write about a book.

  3. I agree with you, Dorte. I don't review books I would have to be really negative about. I try to be honest, but am not into scathing or snarky. When I followed the brouhaha about negative book reviews, i was so amazed to see people saying they loved to read reviews like that.

    Different strokes, I guess, but my personal philosophy dictates that I try to behave in a professional way, even if I am "only" a blogger.
    (Actually, "professional" isn't the mot juste. Maybe "decent" or even "honourable" is.)

    Cathy, I thought of you this morning when I stumbled on Book Army - another site for readers. Thought you might like to check it out.

  4. I have to check out the book vs. Kindle one for sure!

    And Twilight is calling me...does Edward come on the tour? If so, sign me up!

  5. Thanks, Beth!

    Caite--I tend to be the same way, too!

    Dorte-- I totally agree with your comments on book reviewing!

    Susan--You know I had to check that link out immediately! Thank you!

    Jenners--Something tells me that Edward may not be part of the tour package, but you never know.... :)


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